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    Count me in as a satisfied owner. Been three weeks now, and I haven't seen the hardware problems others have reported. Mine is just as good today as it was the first day.

    The Pre isn't perfect, but this is a 1st gen product and just introduced. I'll give it more time to mature as a platform, and hence I can be satisfied with less than complete perfection
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    Take that GIzmodo and Engadget - I'm happy with my PRE!
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    I love my launch pre and haven't had any problems. Now I just need to get a touchstone to put in my car.

    -posted on me pre
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    As a Sprint Customer for over 10 years continuously, the Palm Pre is by far my favorite handset ever. I did have much love for my Motorola Timeport as well.

    These past few years have been tough as a Sprint Customer in regards to handset availability. With the iPhone causing a groundswell of enthusiasm for AT&T, Sprint had nothing enticing for some time. When VZ released the Storm last year, I was tempted. Time proved that standing pat with my Sprint Curve was the right call on that one.

    The Pre is the first device exclusive to Sprint that would make new customers want to come over to Sprint. And of course we can get insurance on our Pre's unlike the Fruit Phone.
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    I am very happy with my Pre. I am otherwise an Apple enthusiast, but I was never tempted to stray from Palm (Treo 700P most recently) for two reasons.

    One, as a doctor I require good medical apps and iPhone had been deficient in that area until recently. I could not believe it took Apple/ePocrates TWO fn years to have a native iPhone app.

    Two, by the time ePoc became available as a native iPhone app, Palm wowed me with the Pre intro in January. I decided to remain loyal to Palm and to wait for the Pre. Really glad I waited.

    And three, I really do like Sprint and had no desire to change to a more expensive ATT. I have been with Sprint for ten years, and have no real complaints with the coverage or their service over the years. And the cost of the plans have been pretty good.
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