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    Was never one to run with the masses (DIE-PHONERS) PRE is just right for me....

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    you could not pry me from my pre, love it love it pre future is endless.
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    My wife and I each got one the first week, and absolutely love them.

    Not that anyone really cares, but makes me feel good to state it, I started with a Handspring mobile (the one you attached to the Handspring device) and have had most of the models of HS and Palm phone since then. Because I really want Palm to survive after all of these years, I would have tried the Pre no matter what. As it turns out, I think it is by far the best phone ever...

    My only problem is I am on travel in Australia for the next month and a half so I am stuck with monitoring precentral (awesome site!!!) and dreaming of the day I can connect again...
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    I am very happy with my Pre. My wife has one, too, and she absolutely loves it. I had a Treo 650 for 4 years and held out for the Pre. There are some things I could do on my Treo that I can't on my Pre, but the Pre can do a lot more than the Treo. I miss having Agendus but my wife and I can both see eachother's calendars so it has helped our planning.

    She did crack the screen on her launch day Pre and Sprint replaced it (we have a local store with awesome customer service!) I have not had any problems with mine other my mistake of dropping it and making a small crack along the bottom near the microphone. I am mad at myself for doing that but it is not enough for me to feel a replacement is necessary.
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    I got my Pre today and although I've been waiting over 5 hours to get my number transfered from AT&T, it's one hell of a phone.
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    100% happy
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    Apart from the lack of apps(flood gates will open eventually), I am perfectly happy with my palm pre! No issues at all what so ever! NONE!
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    love my phone just wished they had a good solid case for it
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    I'm not going to spend my time reading through all the replies, 'cause it's the same thing that's been said multiple times in this forum.

    For me the Pre has everything I want in a phone and my previous phone, the iPhone, didn't.
    Only thing I'd like is for there to be more apps which will come in due time.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    Got mine and the wife's on launch day and we both like them. Haven't had any issues either. Great phone.
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    On my 3rd Pre and it is PERFECT! I'm happy now. No screen issues, nothing! Finally can do other things with my life than wait around for the next shipment of Pres at my Sprint Store :P
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    Very happy, but a tiny bit concerned about the battery lasting an entire day. Wife is warming up to it slowly, but she's semi-Amish.
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    The Palm Pre is my first smart phone, I had a build date of May 17th, and yes I love it! The webOS is awesome as a smartphone OS, but I await eagerly software updates that will allow me to do things like customize alerts sounds. Also, the calendar app needs a little work as it is not as functional as I thought it was going to be, but definitely not as bad as Iíve seen. Being connected to the Google cloud at all times has made my life a lot easier. I have a tiny dead pixel that I can barely notice and this is the only hardware issue I have.
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    My Pre seems just fine, no problems at all! I got it the first day it came out from a local Sprint store. I wish it had more useful apps like everyone else, plus better calendar functionality, etc. My Pre battery seems to improve in life after utilizing the tips from others on this forum. I will eventually probably deactivate the service from my Treo 755p, but will still keep the 755p nearby for its useful apps.
    Sprint 755p, 700p, 650 - I am not a geek! Really!
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    Lots of Pre-lovin' going on at my house...
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    I've very happy with it. I'll be even happier when Palm and/or Sprint figures out what's wrong with the reception issues these things have and get it fixed.
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    My Pre is absolutely wonderful, but perfect? No. Even with roaming turned on it still refuses to walk on water.

    [sarcasm off] Frankly, some of this forum's detailed whiners are getting on my nerves, but I don't actually own a Pre...yet. I'm still waiting for the update that allows it to turn water into wine before committing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elpre View Post
    you could not pry me from my pre, love it love it pre future is endless.
    Let me put it this way: If I dropped my Pre in the porta-potty, I'd jump in to save it.
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    I am already on my 3rd Pre. If the reception issue is not resolved in the next week, the phone is going back for a refund. If I cannot make or received calls, then the Pre is an expensive PDA that I do not need.
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    This is normal. The small minority dissent is always the loudest (happens all the time in politics, and then people are surprised when their candidate loses in a landslide).

    It's the same thing on sports forums too -- sometimes you go on there after their team loses one game in an 82-game season and you'd think that the world was coming to an end, the coach, the GM and their mothers should all be fired, the players on the team are worthless thrash, and unproductive benchwarmers should all be packaged together and traded to another team for a superstar (of course those trade proposals always make sense).

    People like us who are busy enjoying the crap out of our new phones are much less likely to come here and start a thread compared to a person is angry because they found a dead pixel on theirs. The number of complaint threads, especially on an Internet forum, is never proportional to the actual percentage of people with defective products. Most of us think that this is the greatest phone ever made and wake up everyday smiling when we look over and see our little black river pebble sitting on its touchstone with all its sexiness.

    Oh yeah, thank you Palm. Best toy I ever had.
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