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    I'm in pre heaven!
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    I ♥ Pre
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    I love my Pre ... I am starting to have a little light bleeding on the bottom of my screen but other than that, no issues!

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    I'm @ 90%.
    Off to a great start.
    By year's end because of apps and updates, I'm sure I'll be closer to 100 .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chef Joe View Post
    Here is my big BUT.

    Still can't resolve MS Outlook exchange issue to get my email and calendar.
    If our IT guys or Palm cannot fix this it's a deal breaker.

    I hate to return it, I might have no choice at the end of 30 days.

    Any suggestions???


    Chef Joe

    Search here and Palm forums. Post the specifics of your issue including exhange server edition, service pack version, type of security policies implemented, etc. and we'll see if you can be helped with current firmware or you're not yet supported, or your IT people need to help you.
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    The pre is awesome, its not as polished as the iphone, but it will get better as the year goes by, hopefully they release sdk sooner than later, I've had the original iphone for 1-1/2 years before this and every iphone killer that's come along I knew was a joke, this is the real deal, give it some time, we have a winner here
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chef Joe View Post
    Here is my big BUT.
    Was there supposed to be an image attached?

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    I am perfectly happy with my PRE..
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    I very happy with my Pre. Its a very good device already and by the end of summer I predict it will be great.

    I am really happy to be rid of Windows Mobile forever! I am also really enjoying all of my old Palm OS apps in Classic. Really takes me back.
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    I really like my Pre but a few things are starting to bother me a lot. First is reception (or lack thereof). The battery is dead after 8 hours of minimal usage. Sprint will probably boot me because I am always roaming at work but hardly ever did on prior Palm phones. Light bleed is starting to creep up the bottom of the screen. I am also starting to have problems with txt msg delays and missed calls. I am also getting annoyed by the autosync with google. I am apartment hunting now and random people constantly, most of whom I will never talk to again. I don't want them in my contact list but I don't see how to prevent it. I'd also like my new FB contacts to sync. And I would really like more customization for sms and system alerts. I didn't think there was a chance I would return within my 30 days but these issues, especially the signal strength/battery life one are bothering me more and more.
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    I love my phone - we have 2 (got them on release day). I was worried at first about the cloud, but shouldn't have given it a second thought. I love the way it syncs. Can't wait for SDK so I can make some apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    I am really happy to be rid of Windows Mobile forever!
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    Quote Originally Posted by realistdreamer View Post
    BOTTOM LINE: Once I got Exchange sync working, I've falled head over heels in love with this swiss-army knife device. To top it off, I know it only gets better from here.
    First, I'm very happy with my Pre. No problems with my first (and only) unit. Small issues with OS, but fewer than I expected.

    Second, I'm impressed with RealistDreamer's post. I watched him go through his EAS issues, and it's refreshing to see his "I like it anyway" post.
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    I'm 95% pleased. This is an outstanding phone so far. I expect most of my minor concerns to be cleared up with some updates...

    Great thread...
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    I'm very pleased with my Pre. I had been planning on buying the new Iphone for the past 3 months but I followed the Pre hype as well. I figured I would go to the Sprint store to check it out the day it was released. I loved the size and feel of the phone and once I did a price comparison for 2 pre's with service vs. 2 Iphones with service it was a no brainer. My favorite thing about the phone is Pandora via bluetooth to my Pioneer 7000BT!

    My brother, who has an Iphone, poked fun at me when I first got the phone. After he played with it for a while he handed it back and said "that's a pretty impressive phone". I think he is jealous of the multitasking!
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    I love my Pre, no problems at all - I want to upgrade my wife's account for her birthday, but I'm worried I'll get her one of the non-perfect ones, and then she'll say I wasted our money.
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    I miss my Treo 755 Calendar.... Pre calendar sucks!
    I am 60% happy
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    Today was touch and go. Now that pre #2 is in hand and I am synced to exchange I am happy happy. #1 was super wobbly. Pleased with Palm Profile and synergy. Would have really happy if it retained the system and app preference to make the exchange even easier but so far so good.
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    I love my pre - it is the first one, never had to exchange! Perfectly happy!
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    Love it, only one (no exchanges yet) and got for $99 after rebate and sprint premier bonus.
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