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    I haven't had any problems and I love my Pre.
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    MY Pre is wonderful beyond the lack of apps (which will come so I am gonna patiently wait) but my hardware and software are fine couldn't be happier.
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    I am very happy with mine also. It is the best phone for me. Although my wife doesn't agree. Seems I stare at it to much
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    I got mine on day four and it's been absolutely perfect ever since.
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    Come on, where is the thread crap? I can't believe this message has made it this far without one. LOL I absolutely love my Pre. I have no issues.
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    Count me in on being happy and satisfied. Great phone so far!!
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    My family got 5 Pres on launch day. Everybody is very happy with no issues on all of them. I also know two other people that say they are happy. So far the Pre is batting 1000 for people I know. I've been a long time Palm user and followed the Pre from inception. I agree it was overhyped, in this forum anyway, and was perfectly prepared for a let down. Honestly, I was NOT the least bit disappointed. IMO, Palm had to make some sacrifices in the feature set for a stable platform and for obvious business reasons. As an early adopter, I'm used to it. Coming from Treos, it was difficult at first, but I came to realize that the Pre actually does enough of the basic stuff I need that I started leaving the Treo at home. And, it added more than a few fun stuff that's just gravy (multitasking, nav, multitasking...), and also stability - definitely more stable than any of my Treos. And did I mention multitasking?
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    I'll chime in with the "couldn't be more pleased" crowd.

    There's a bunch of little things that I"d like to see made better - categories carrying over from Exchange calendar and whatnot, but I"m sure they'll come with time. I'm not entirely thrilled with the reception - at least compared to my 755p - but I still have service everywhere I need it - just maybe not quite as good as it was before.

    Hardware is great. Functionality is awesome.

    As a long time palm smartphone user, (Kyocera 6035 -> 7135 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 755p), it's by far the best Palm product I've used. It needs polish, but the framework is simply amazing.
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    Best phone I have owned, very happy.
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    I'm ECSTATIC. Sure, I wish there were more apps. And, yes, the signal issue bothers me on occassion. BUT, THIS PHONE ROCKS!!!

    Pre firsts
    • Form factor is great, looks cool
    • Synergy with my calendars and contacts has changed my life.
    • Multi-tasking is now intuitive and helps me be more effective
    • Notifications are awesome and helpful
    • Touchstone is cool and also useful (especially in the car)

    This is also my first "new generation" phone so I'm loving Pandora, Navigation, True Websurfing,

    BOTTOM LINE: Once I got Exchange sync working, I've falled head over heels in love with this swiss-army knife device. To top it off, I know it only gets better from here.
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    I love my Pre and can only see it getting better as the platform continues to develop.I wouldn't say it's perfect, but I think its fantastic.
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    Not perfect but I am extremely happy with this phone and excited about where this platform will go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
    Not perfect but I am extremely happy with this phone and excited about where this platform will go.
    Ditto that. Looking forward to a few tweaks, but nothing major and so far quite happy with it.
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    I love, love, love my Pre! Not a darn thing wrong with it...well, I might have a speaker issue, or maybe it was a one-time glitch. I came from a Katana II, so everything is like a dream-come-true on this phone!
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    Here is my big BUT.

    Still can't resolve MS Outlook exchange issue to get my email and calendar.
    If our IT guys or Palm cannot fix this it's a deal breaker.

    I hate to return it, I might have no choice at the end of 30 days.

    Any suggestions???


    Chef Joe
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    I think I have 1 dead pixel (very hard to see) but mine works great. 5 bars at my home and 3-4 bars at work. Sprint coverage has been great in my city.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhody View Post
    I have a tiny spot of slight discloloration in the screen, but my Pre is perfect otherwise. I look forward to updates and improvements, but I love the phone as is for the time being.
    I'm experiencing the same thing, but it happens to be a spec of dirt under the screen. I can't get rid of it... It's not noticable when I'm doing things, but when I'm waiting, and I get a blank white card, oh ya! It's there!

    Im not going to return it and risk getting a refurb. I'm pretty happy with my device, even though the slider is starting to wobble slightly, but meh... if it stays how it is now... I'm totally happy!
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    Love my Pre. Got it on day 1 at 8:45AM. No dead pixels, no discoloration. I have it on the Touchstone every night. Great signal here in the Kansas City Metro area. It's all gooooooooood!
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    Love my Pre. I wish the music player had a few more options as I hope this also replaces my ipod, but that will come.
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    Got mine on launch day and haven't looked back. Love the functionality and the battery life has gotten better. Definitely looking forward to the things to come!
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