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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    I honestly don't like the idea at all. In particular when it comes to prefs which are specific to an app. Let apps manage their own preferences. System & Common prefs... well maybe. But I have all my system stuff in my last launcher page. I don't really see how that differs from a dedicated app to show all these prefs.

    Here's what I mean, In my last launcher page I have:

    Bluetooth, Date & Time, Location Services
    Screen & Lock, Sounds & Ringtones, Wi-Fi
    App Catalog, Backup, Updates
    Device Info, Sprint, Help

    If someone created a single app for preferences then I would still want this on my last launcher page. Further, when it comes up, I would want the various prefs to be categorized so in the end it would look much like my current 3rd page and it would take at least one more gesture to get to any options.
    I think you're crazy.

    This is what should happen:

    Settings and preferences could of course be changed in app, but a unified place for everything would be so money.
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    +1 vote, at least in an umbrella app
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    I like how the email prefs are in the email app, the phone prefs are in the phone app, etc. However, having a unified place would be great for when you want to control things across the board. And the unified place should be basically extensions of the separated prefs...if you change it on the unified pref, it changes the separate pref and vice versa. I dont want to be answering all of the ensuing questions from people wondering why their SMS doesnt ring when they have their unified prefs ringer as loud as possible!
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    They're all in the right launcher page, what difference would it make to have them in one app? I also like having quick access to wifi and bluetooth from the top right corner and don't want these removed.

    And stop asking "who's with me" already.
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    I wonder if there would be a way to integrate both ideas, i.e., have the prefs page in individual apps link to the proper section in a general prefs app. However, I do agree that you should be able to access an app's prefs from inside that application.
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