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    I believe we are in a new era of smartphones. No im not talking about business smartphones like Blackberries or win mo devices. I'm talking about stylish, mainstream oriented phones like the iPhone. Aimed to grab the millions still using Razrs, sidekicks, Rumors, etc. At first I was afraid the iPhone would be the end of competition. The phone decimated the industry and every so called "iphone killer" ended up being a joke and forgotten shortly after release.

    However, with the release of the Palm Pre and the HTC Hero (android). I believe have finally seen competition up to par and in some ways superior to Apple's juggernaut. They have style and function and bring new ideas to the game. while some say they are borrowing from Apple's ideas. so what. apple has borrowed from many others. I'm very excited to see the return of CHOICE. If I want a stylish phone with functions and apps. I don't have to automatically go to AT&T. Now that other companies have finally figured out the formula. The future looks very bright for mainstream phones.
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    I believe you're right. A lot of the consumer segment is shifting over to "smartphone" type devices. Regular folks are in the hunt for an easy-to-use device that does more than make calls, take pics, and send/receive SMS.
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    yea i see a crap load of people still using blackberries
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    I have been telling people this, since Nova was changed to "WebOs" and we have a rough release date. Guys, really. The phone might not seem like it does much now, but just think about this... Your Pre is running LINUX. No, not some linux, or linux based, but LINUX.. with a 1 GHZ PROCESSOR! Apps run as a JVM (java virtual machine), not some BS code..

    I don't know about you guys, but that gets me excited... in a bad kind of "lets try the wifey today" kind of way.

    I am just waiting for someone to say "The next (insert device here) has been announced. It will run the Linux WebOS operating system, has support for bluetooth keyboards, USB/Bluetooth mouse, and S-Video/HDMI out to TV/Monitors. It will also support Bluetooth monitors where available. Obviously, this phone will support multiple bluetooth connections at once."

    Along with the next gen bluetooth virtual keyboards that are already out, a bluetooth "mouse" that slides on your finger, and a small 12in screen that folds into a 2x2" square for pocket-ability.

    I can't wait to grow up in this age.
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    I wish I could agree but I would expect to continue seeing this as a slow migration. I agree that the Pre can become a great device but obviously needs some work. The truth is I don't see to many other phone companies coming as close as the Pre has. I personally loved the Pre while I had it and I personally would have stayed with the Pre over the iPhone if it wasn't because of Sprint. Once the WebOS devices begin to roll out for other carriers I will absolutley get my hands on it (again). Currently I have AT&T and in my areas of commute and travel I always seems to have a great signal where as with Sprint I didn't. I become very frustrated when I want to make a call and the quality is very poor so I naturally returned to AT&T and the iPhone 3GS but can't wait for WebOS to go to other carriers.
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    Not only is this a new era of smartphones. it is a new era of sprint. Rumor has it that Sprint is already testing the new HTC Hero. If Sprint gets that phone along with the Pre, touch pro 2, and the blackberry Tour. It will have on of the most powerful and diverse phone line ups of any carrier. I think it will be good to have some strong competition on the same carrier. It will keep Sprint alive and push Palm to keep working.
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    The lines are being blurred between smart phone and feature phone. But i think that if we have to wait 3 years for cut and paste or the ability to send and receive contacts the Nokia's and Sonyericsson's of this world will give smart phones a run for the there money.

    Very interesting times indeed.

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