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    OK...I have weighed in on many bad battery, drains to fast, how can I make it through the day threads...but here is a new one (I think). I ordered a Seidio Extended Battery. On the jacket of the product when it showed up it states "*performance will increase after 5-6 full charges". Could this explain why some people think (not to doubt it) that 1.0.3 actually increase their battery life? The battery actually gets better with age and they have not had the phone long enough to realize it was just the battery "Coming of age"?
    Can any of the experts out there weigh in on this...I am just novice tech junkie
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    It's all strange. The research that was performed in previous threads cited sources that Lithium Ions do not need to be cycled and that keeping your battery "topped-off" is the best way to extend it's life. Also, that every 30 charges or so you may need to fully drain the battery and charge so that the device's sensors can properly read the capacity. I still am not convinced one way or another with a definitive source.

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