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    Was wondering if anyone has invested in one of these emergency chargers and if so, how do they work?

    Reason I ask is that I will be traveling in the near future for vacation and a business conference and think it would be handy to have when I am not able to get back to a computer or outlet. But I also want to make sure it is worth spending a few bucks on and make sure that they do work.

    Here are two different models that I found:

    USB Emergency Charger - Battery Adapter for miniSync

    PALM TREO Palm Pre AA Emergency Cell Phone Charger (Black), FREE Shipping, PALM TREO Palm Pre PHONE AA Emergency Cell Phone Charger (Black)

    Any feedback is appreciated.
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    I use a similar product to the first link. Output is 5v/500mA. Works fine. Slower than the wall plug but fine.
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    I have a couple of similar devices, and while they won't actually charge my Pre (i.e., capacity never actually increases), they'll keep it running longer.
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