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    Quote Originally Posted by iharley View Post
    Isn't the tax on the $500? The amount before any and all discounts? That's what my telesales rep said. Also, my order confirmation email had:

    And UPS has it as delivering the 30. I ordered it this morning and was told 2-5 business days.
    I purchased mine in store and they charged tax on the amount after rebates.
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    I have sold Free phones in northern California that had $20 in taxes. Free Phones.
    But in the same markets, Refurbished Phones carried no tax. That made California see alot of refurbished Curves.
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    Anyone elses order still stuck in backorder?
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    Quote Originally Posted by glacius View Post
    Anyone elses order still stuck in backorder?
    Mine is still in backorder. I called them to ask if I could just cancel the online order and pick one up from a retail store and they told me that since payment has been processed, they cannot do anything with the order. If I want to pick one up from a Sprint store, I'd have to pay full price on that, refuse shipment for the online order when it finally gets through and then ask CS to post an adjustment in my account :S.

    Sprint CS has already put a sour taste in my mouth before I even receive my pre! Damn! Do they have a clue of what they're doing? I wonder why is there such a huge disconnect between telesales, online store and different retail stores?
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    Mine is backordered too

    Ordered over the phone last Saturday.
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    I just called them and they said that it will still be here in 5-7 days, since the backordered status was already factored in(that extra 2 days to thier usual 2-5 days for other phones).
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    ordered mine last wed. got it today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by though View Post
    ordered mine last wed. got it today.
    Wow! I ordered mine last thursday, so fingers crossed to see if I get it in the next couple of days.

    BTW, what is the manufacture date on your phone? Any build quality issues? Can you say you received a newer build quality phone others having been talking about here?
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    Quote Originally Posted by though View Post
    ordered mine last wed. got it today.
    Lucky. How did they ship it out? Overnight or Ground?
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    got mine today, ordered it last thursday. it was shipped overnight.
    has 2 dead pixels which I dont care about, slider seems fine. came with 1.0.2, and
    the back cover came with a bunch of little white scratches/dots, no idea how that happened
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    ordered my wife's last Saturday, suppose to be here tomorrow - we will see.
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