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    Luckily I haven't had many dropped calls or "network signal faded" issues with my Pre.

    My problem is that when my phone has a low signal (usually indoors) and people try to call me it wont ring on my end. The call will ring for the person trying to reach me and then go to my voicemail. If they don't leave a voicemail, I won't ever know they called..

    I'd almost prefer it to go directly to my voicemail so they know to leave a message rather then assume I will see their missed call.

    I figure this issue happens when the phone is stuck in limbo trying to find what tower to grab a signal from? I switched to "sprint only," under preferences, though this didn't help the issue. When my phone does go to roaming I usually have 3-FULL signal bars and I do not have this problem.

    It's very bothersome that the stronger roam signal will not hold and it will go back to sprint.

    Anyone else have calls not ringing through on their end?

    I'd also like to have a ROAM ONLY option for un-rooted pre's
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    this has happened to me with every phone i've owned.

    it usually will ring on their end 1-3 times and goto voice mail after that. I got around that with my centro by force roaming while i was at home with bad signal. I'm really dissapointed the pre isnt able to force roam yet.
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    I've had this problem inside a room that shields most cell activity. I had 3 bars of 1x in a heavy EVDO area. We were testing the answering methods (picking up from within an app/opening keyboard to see what would happen. Kept getting calls sent to voicemail. Made a phone call out and was back on the network.
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