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    Just out of curiosity I decided to compare load time of pandora on my computer compared to the pre by hitting the bookmarks for each at the same time.

    For me, it loads in almost exactly the same amount of time on my pre as it does on my computer running xp over a t1 on firefox. I used a new firefox window each time. Pre was using evdo once and wireless the second time. On evdo it just beat the computer. On wireless connection it was just a bit slower.
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    pandora should start a empty screen with "connecting.." or something like that to make it feel faster. The app catalog starts like that - empty and then loads in data.
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    I dont have a problem with the load time, like you mention its almost the same on a pc.
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    i LOVEE pandora...its amazing with a BT radio. music aynt the same no more...
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    Quote Originally Posted by chedda_chez View Post
    i LOVEE pandora...its amazing with a BT radio. music aynt the same no more...
    I agree. Never used it before the Pre. Now I'm addicted. Just wish I had hook-ups to use it in my car.
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    I recently decided to try Pandora on my iPod Touch when I heard it was going to be released on the Pre during the build-up to launch. I wanted something to listen to while mowing the lawn (WiFi conveniently spans my whole property) and to figure out what all the buzz was about. I became immediately addicted.

    With it working so well over 3G and thus in the car, I think services like these are just another nail in the satellite radio's coffin.

    Now, only if there was a Pandora-like service for podcasts or talk shows....I guess that's just regular streaming...

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