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    Details here in just a minute:
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    Pretty cool idea!!!

    Ok here's mine:

    To my beautiful Pre, with your casing so soft, your curves so round and smooth...

    I am writing you today to seek your company for an evening full of romance, excitement and adventure. I cannot provide you many details of my plans at this time, as, you see, I am the spontaneous type. I prefer to simply use the Where app to find the best steak dinner, buy tickets to a show at that quaint little dive bar our favorite band will be playing tonight, stop by your favorite chocolatier, and, perhaps, do a little shopping. It gets chilly in the evenings sometimes and you might need a nice jacket to slip into. Even if I misinterpret your cozy warmth in your new jacket as playing coy.

    Afterwards, we can head for a nightcap of the city's best biscuits and gravy at the City Diner, using your onboard Navigation to direct us there. Oh? You have never been? Well, here, let's read some reviews on Yelp for other reviews, don't just take my word for it. Should you not be interested, we can simply search for something nearby.

    We can watch a movie while we eat, I believe you told me last that Dazed and Confused is your favorite, so I made sure to put it in the movies folder last time I mounted you. If a movie, even your favorite, isn't in the cards, perhaps we can stream some Pandora radio, since their jukebox isn't filled with your favorites.

    I will be looking very forward to hearing from you, via email or SMS. Or even through Facebook so you can show the world how you feel. A simple "I would love to!" should suffice.

    With baited breath,

    (woot first entry!)
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    My dearst Pre,

    It has been 3 weeks since we first met and I have yet to hear from you again. I have looked for you everywhere, two Best Buy's and three Sprint corporate stores. Where are you hiding ? I know you felt that spark the first time I held you, maybe it was static electricity. Why are you suddenly so coy ?

    I have so much to offer and I am sure you can return in kind. I already have our first date set up. I bought you a Phantom Skinz to keep your screen safe and eagerly await for your Seidio Innocase so your safe while we are out. I know we'll have a great time based on our first meeting. The apps we can download, the multiple cards we can have open. There is so much we have to offer each other. You know where to find me and I eagerly wait for your reply.


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    Most people who fall in love eventually part ways, so this is that "love letter"

    My dear Pre,

    Our relationship just isn't going well. It's me, not you. I've met somebody else, and she is wonderful. That's a lie. We both knew this wouldn't end well when it started.

    I'm sending you this text because I want you to know I am well, and I just don't want any drama, and quite frankly, I do not feel like consoling anybody. Doing so is just so exhausting. I'm sending this post in hopes that you read it, and stop calling. I won't answer. I'm also sending a short text, tweet, and facebook post in case you miss this.

    God speed, and I hope you find your 16, or 32 GB variant in due time. No, I just don't care.
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    Dear Pre,

    I can honestly say there is nobody else like you. You are ahead of your time and you bring so much to the table. Pre, you are very curvy and slick, you have a real sex appeal that is hard to find in todays "smart phones" Smart phones... what a laugh, they try to be like you but you are in a class by yourself. Nobody can juggle so many different things at once like you. Some might say you are a little hot blooded, I happen to like the warmth when you are pressed against my face (blushes) my point is I feel we are at a place in our relationship where we need to move to the next step. I feel we should enter into a Pre-Engagement. Just thinking of the way you slide up to reveal your little secret kills me, thank goodness you have Gps so I can find my way to the hospital. I could go on for days singing your praises. Until we meet again, use your synergy to schedule me in for some alone time.

    Yours forever

    P.S. I hope this wasn't Premature
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    My ATT contract
    Is woefully long
    I can't have you pre
    I have to be strong

    Till winter it seems
    When my contract is through
    Then I'll say my goodbyes
    And I'll run, run to you!

    No more mono-tasking
    No more clunky toys
    No more half 3g
    No more Apple fan-boys

    No more oversized phone
    That feels like a brick
    No more ATT service
    They can just suck my thumb!
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    To my loving Pre,

    Where are you Pre?
    I know that youíre out there,
    With a cloud of information,
    Youíre dying to share.

    I have seen you around,
    And I like your curves,
    Not too skinny or square-
    You excite my nerves.

    We should go eat!
    You will like the place,
    Iíll find out WHEREís best,
    With a gentle touch on your face.

    Iíll take you to a movie,
    Have you already seen it?
    Because you told me the plot,
    And just bought my ticket!

    Iím going on vacation,
    Yes, you can come withÖ
    Just keep track of my flights,
    So I am back on the fifth.

    I know that youíre great,
    And you say youíll get better,
    You mention Flash!
    Are you removing your sweater?

    The languages you speak,
    On your new WebOS,
    Iíve learned rather quickly
    JavaScript, Hypertext.

    Sooner or later,
    Youíll show me your Mojo!
    Watch as more apps are added,
    One by me?- I sure hope so!

    You are simply amazing!!
    I can feel our connection,
    If you were only a bit taller,
    Youíd give me anÖ

    Even bigger picture of my dog,
    Or that time on vacationÖ
    While Pandora is playing,
    Bowieís Station to Station.

    As I close this letter my phone looks at me,
    With rage, and despairÖ itís just jealousy.
    I want to be yours, I hope you agree,
    You deserve my touch, you are my Pre.
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    Dear Pre,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieter Bohn View Post
    Details here in just a minute:
    Is this competition open to people who do not reside in the USA?

    -- Rod (in .au, and waiting for the GSM Pre release)
    WebOS Internals and Preware Founder and Developer
    You may wish to donate by Paypal to donations @ if you find our work useful.
    All donations go back into development.
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    Dear Pre,

    My heart is broken. I saw you. You and him. Him! One of my best friends. My roommate.

    I saw him stroking your sleek curves. Slipping your keyboard down for easier typing. You lit up and actually undulated under his touch, offering to launch whatever he wanted, capitulating with one touch. I could tell, you connected, you and him (and the wireless network in the house).

    I'm not going to waste my time with tears, or recriminations, or an iPhone. What you've done can't be forgiven, so I only have two questions for you:

    Do you have a sister?

    Hey, can I get her number?

    Jeff Wilder, San Francisco Bay Area
    "I think I speak for everyone here when I say, 'Huh?'" - Buffy Summers

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    Darling Pre, blush not at such a direct
    Pre-posal. I know Where to gesture you to the
    Moon and stars. Beyond this galaxy, we will know
    Pre-petual bliss, Where a double-tap and a deft
    Spiral touch will show you Where such gastronomy and
    Astronomy will Pre-plex even the man in the

    Oh, Pre-pare thine self for delights as I will take you
    Where-guided even the Pre-fessionals have feared to venture, in
    To the rapture of past, Pre-sent and future. You say it is no-
    Where, I tell you I checked and our destination is surely some-
    Where and our chance for bliss is all over your bashful calm-
    Shell. Indeed, as I caress your pearl and you reveal the
    Keys to take us every-Where, I sense that our
    Destiny is fused into Pre-Petual bliss, every-

    Alas, I was Pre-pared yet you remain some-Where beyond my
    Cents and my iSight.
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    Hey Pre,

    I'm good with working QWERTY keyboards, let's go out sometime.

    Much love, Justin.
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    Dear Pre,

    Who knew love could be so convenient? So useful? So mobile? Alas, I didn't. For all I knew is that you grab at your chance. Hold it. Play with it. Text with it. Especially in these tough times. Prepare yourself. Welcome to your new home.

    Booting up,
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    For sale: iPhone, never used
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    Dearest Pre,

    We've met face to face once. And since that meeting
    I've fallen in love. I try to call back the place where we met, but all I get is a voicemail greeting.
    It is horribly unfair. WHERE else to look? I've been talking to a Mogul who says to look in neighboring states
    but alas, her memory isn't that great.
    I just want to go on one more date. I've even got the place!
    The last time we spoke, I had you blushing, red in the face.
    Your bright eyes told me, "maybe pizza, or Joe's Bar"
    But that's all the way in Boston, so it's kinda far.
    But come to New York! You're severely missed here.
    Stores even have mannequins of your svelte body to share
    with the world. You're perfect for me. No ifs, ands, or buts.
    Not to scare you or anything, but we wouldn't even have to sign a Pre-nup.
    I've heard a few people talking, who say you seem kind of cheap.
    They don't know how to handle you, they must be kind of weak.
    I have the firm hands, and I know how to work you.
    You must have noticed as well; you lit up when I slid you
    up from the table. I saw my reflection in your eyes,
    from your polished stone look, with a gentle touch, and surprise!
    You woke up. But I had to leave, my dearest love and friend
    I'll have presents for you the next time we meet again!

    Palm m100>Palm m130>Sony Clie>HP Jornada 525>Dell Axim X3i>Nokia 3395>Nokia 6630>Motorola i530>PPC 6700>Mogul (PPC-6800)

    Palm Pre!
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    Dear, Palm (Iphone Killer) Pre

    Sine you walked into the spotlight back in January, Iíve adored your presence and even though Iím with the Samsung Instinct, well I LOVE YOU. Every time Iím with her all I think about is you, how she doesnít do multiple things for me at once, search universally, have cool apps, or look as beautiful as you do. You donít know how influential you are to my life, you complete me and if you were to join me I would gladly tell the Samsung Instinct to pack all her accessories and go. I know I donít have all the money and all the other glamorous things to wheel you end but Iím deeply in love with you and I promise I would love you to the fullest youíll never see one scratch. I promise youíll be my prized possession I would show you off to all the Iphone and Blackberry lovers. I promise I would love you down to the last drop, use you the way you want to be used, for life (Sprint) without you is worthless. When I hold your PALM I feel at ease, there is no other phone out there for me and if I canít have you Iíll die trying to gain your affection. I guess what Iím trying to say is Iíve got a thing for you I want you bad, give me a chance Iím willing to bet my heart that you wonít regret it.

    For now and evermore officially yours
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    To thee, my Pre,

    Our special memory,
    of you and me,
    of we, for eternity.

    Once upon a time, in a village called Global, there lived a spunky little soul named iFonzo. iFonzo worked in the busiest sector of the market, where cutthroat competition eliminated businesses every day. But while iFonzo witnessed constant elimination, his tough apple stand withstood the test of time, for his standards exceeded those of any other vendor…until now.

    On a warm, summer Saturday, an old man suddenly wakes from his coma. His name is Mr. Palmer, and he is also a proud resident of Global. In his heyday, however, Mr. Palmer had been a well respected leader of the market, and his products were top notch. Seeking once again to restore his reputation, Mr. Palmer readies himself for yet another round in the market arena. Not knowing where to go after being asleep for so long, he consults his handy-dandy WHERE board for the key sites of the village. After all, the times, they have changed.

    Thanks to his WHERE board, Mr. Palmer is able to make it to the market. While walking about the market, he notices a crowd of strange, cult-like mobsters huddling around a stand. To satiate his curiosity, Mr. Palmer approaches the stand and reads the sign:

    iFonzo’s Apple Stand
    No Wait, No Delay

    With a slow yet confident gesture, Mr. Palmer grabs his cane and pokes an apple. iFonzo, enraged, demands an explanation, “Excuse me, old man. If you want one, you’ll have to pay.” Mr. Palmer looks to the young man and says, “Well, I cannot eat apples unless they are sliced.” iFonzo replies with attitude, “That’s fine. It’ll just be an extra 3 G’s.” Mr. Palmer responds, “Wow. That is a little overpriced for an apple, don’t you think?” iFonzo stares adamantly. “Okay, then. 3 G’s it is, young man.”

    With his newly sliced apple in one hand and his cane in the other, Mr. Palmer turns around stops, gawks in awe, and finds himself empty handed, for at that moment, he manages to lock eyes with the most beautiful old woman he has ever seen.

    So now I, Mr. Palmer, am writing to you, Ms. Pre, because there has never been anyone else in my entire life who could shake the competition from my bones, who could redirect my focus. Only you, Ms. Pre, have that power over me. According to my WHERE board, there is a great stand at the market where I wish to meet with you. Noon. Be There.

    After having been in a coma for several years, Mr. Palmer sets up his stand once again. This time, however, he awaits his beloved Ms. Pre. Anxiety and nervousness hinder his ability to sell his infamous PreNuts. Across the street, iFonzo observes Mr. Palmer carefully, then grins sinisterly. iFonzo crosses the street to challenge Mr. Palmer in a duel, and he accepts.

    Whoever manages to please more customers within twenty minutes wins the duel. So, with only ten minutes until the clock strikes noon, Mr. Palmer worries even more. The duel begins.

    iFonzo slices his apples with speed, while Mr. Palmer struggles to crack the PreNuts open. Five minutes into the battle, iFonzo clearly leads, but Mr. Palmer notices a striking detail: iFonzo cannot multi-task. He cannot slice the apples and bag them at the same time. Is it too late?

    It is noon now, and Ms. Pre approaches. She notices the crowd and fears that Mr. Palmer might lose. Fortunately, Ms. Pre harnesses a power unlike any other, besides her power over Mr. Palmer, of course. Anyway, Ms. Pre has the ability to infuse any individual with multi-tasking skills. But, through her inherent bond with Mr. Palmer, her very presence alone allows him to crack and bag like no other. With one minute left, Mr. Palmer manages to defeat iFonzo.

    His victory marks one of the greatest comebacks in market history, and so, Mr. Palmer’s legacy lives on forever in Global.

    To Ms. Pre, I owe all to you.

    Mr. Palmer
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    Dear PP,

    I know you don't know me, but I just had to talk to you and get your attention finally. You see I met you at the conference back in January and it's like love at first sight. I was kinda embarrassed since I was with my current girl named Mogul (she was the one always forgetting numbers, slowing and freezing up, and shutting down every now and then) but when I saw that sleek, smooth body glistening all over the showroom I didn't care if that bulky body of a phone was watching me stare. Now I know all the guys...hell even the girls were watching you, but I knew you were the one for me. I told my friends about you, especially about your 8 GB's about what's inside that counts with me girl and not just the outside. The way you could handle so much and not have to close apps to go to another one lets me know you can chew gum and walk at the same time unlike other slim beauties I know. Also, you have that keyboard on you....I just love a woman with some extra bottom to them. If you just give me a chance to take you out, I would use Where and take you to the finest selection of restaurants they recommend because I know you only deserve the finest. I would most definitely dump that crappy so called PC phone and her half working touchscreen in a heartbeat if you come to my life. The love between us will be crazy good. Our first night I will be laying you down on your special touchstone bed and finger your screen up and down and I know you wont say stop because you wouldn't give up like that on me like...Her. Well I got to go, she blinking red and nagging me with that battery critical nag she gets every 30 minutes on me. I hope to see you and hear off of you in my life soon so that redness disappears forever out my life. I'll be waiting...I love you.

    Forever in your Palm,
    -Antoine. written to LL Cool J- I need Love
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    My love,

    I never thought I'd meet one like you, especially given where you are coming from. Your beauty and grace shines bright during a time of doubt and insecurity. Many shunned you, but not I - I see! For you bring something no one else can offer; You, my love, are unique. Where others are sleek and sexual, you are stylish and elegant. And that, darling, is why my heart belongs to you. Strip away all the bells and whistles and you are still at your finest. Your sheer intelligence is what drives you - synergetic might I say. I've never met one who could take information in so effortlessly, listen so attentively, and engage in such multifaceted conversations. Where your faults lay, I do not know.
    So I invite you to grace me with your presence for a night. Let me show you that I am meant for you, as you are me. I know what makes you tick see, I know how you work. Like a deck of cards, let me shuffle through your thoughts, and deal your hand - a hand of true love. A hand that can only be defined as the royal crush. Chere, you are the Pre to my Post, the light in my eye, the ying to my yang. Just let me show you.

    - Your humble lover
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    Dear Palm Pre,

    The first time I touched your body, shivers went down my spine and I knew then it was love at first Touch. With your well rounded body shape, curvy all around (so sexy), you bright and clear look shining through when I turned you on, the way you caressed my palm when I held you in my hand... Ever since the day Where i felt my heart skip a beat every time I slid my finger down your (inter)face and gestured you to do this or that, I knew you are the one for me and I need to be with you, we need to be together, touch each other and make all sorts of calls to each other. All you have to do is just let my fingers do the walking (all over your keyboard) and my mouth do the talking.

    Oh Pre I yearn to have you near me yet I know for now this forbidden love (wife and kids) is beyond my reach but with Where's help we can locations to meet whether for lunch, dinner or drinks, or just to have passionate phone conversations. We can start this phone affair and turn it into a the best reality story on the net

    Pre, wait for me. Soon enough we will unite

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