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    I'm starting to wonder about the longevity of the Pre as it currently exists - specifically, the small issues that seem to arise and, extrapolating over a two-year window, will the phone last?

    Specifically, on my Pre I now have a few small, very difficult to discern scratches on the screen. They are only noticeable if you tilt the phone certain ways, but they're there, indicating (possibly) a tendency to scratch easily.

    In addition, I now have a bubble. It's a very small bubble, and it's in a very unobtrusive spot (along the left edge of the screen), buried in one of the median layers of material (meaning you can't 'feel' it, but you can see it floating in there). But it's still a bubble.

    Which raises the question - is this a two year device? It think the potential in the OS is phenomenal, and the form factor the Pre is compelling - but is keeping it a good idea, or is it likely to suffer increasing numbers of issues along these lines? I haven't been abusive to my Pre by any means, and would not expect to see any sorts of issues after just two weeks of use.

    I've been a Palm fan since the U.S. Robotics days, but my smartphone is a mission critical device - if the quality of the build is in question, that's a significant cause for concern for me.
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    Bubbles don't just form, they would have had to be there from day one. Could it be a Dead Pixel? Please post a photo. I had a dead pixel that looked like a "bubble".

    Also why a new thread? There are several on this topic.
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    Do you still got the original plastic on? I do and there's bubbles all over my screen. Haha

    I don't think it can last 2 years I can't baby it that long and if I try to the hardware, screen, keyboard will end up failing. I just got the insurance for the first time in 2 years with Sprint not taking any chances
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    These first run ones, probably not. If they improve the build quality in the future then yes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    Bubbles don't just form, they would have had to be there from day one. Could it be a Dead Pixel? Please post a photo. I had a dead pixel that looked like a "bubble".
    Can't really get a good picture - the only thing I have with me is the Pre (can't photo itself obviously) and my laptops built in camera, but that won't really capture it (just tried). As for the 'they don't just form' content - of course they can, as you have multiple levels of material embedded one to another to enable the touch functionality. This 'bubble' looks like the beginning of speration between two of those layers.

    It's not a dead pixel, as it shifts and can be seen 'floating' between material layers, above the actual display, if that makes sense.

    Also why a new thread? There are several on this topic.
    I started a new thread because this isn't intended to be a discussion of the specific issues I am seeing, but the longevity of the device over the life of a contract. I didn't see anything on that specific topic, but feel free to link me.
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    There is a layer under the screen that consists of intersecting lines and "bubbles". It can be seen best with the screen off and tilted at the right angle. I am assuming it has something to do with the touch screen, I wonder if these are the bubbles everyone is referring to?
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    I'd be shocked if mine lasts 2 years. I just can't see it, but who knows... We'll see 2 years down the road.
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    Will it last two years? I have no idea. Most likely even it does last that long I will have moved on to the next high tech gadget.
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    IMO, no way it lasts two years. I love the Web OS. However the device seems real fragile to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FakeSteveJobs View Post
    IMO, no way it lasts two years. I love the Web OS. However the device seems real fragile to me.
    That's my take as well. Love it but worry about it lasting. First device I have had that I added TEP for.
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    yeah..i would deff recommend anyone who has a pre have insurance so that when your device does fail you dont have to deal with palm
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    I'll probably be using the TEP before the year is out.
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    Device is fragile and I am sure that it will not last. Although I truly love webOS, I am sure that a move to a BB is imminent because the build will fail me.
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    I never last 2 years with the same phone..
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    Quote Originally Posted by leftyman View Post
    I never last 2 years with the same phone..
    Me neither for the most part. But I do last a year - which is also questionable with the Pre IMHO.
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    I think it will last 2 yrs in that it will still function. But I do feel that the phone will be in bad shape by then.

    In the end I don't think it will matter to people on these boards because, as early adopters, we probably will be first in line when an updated 32GB, Autofocus, more rugged update come out for 199 /no rebate.
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    doubtful. but it is still a badass phone
    the next gen hopefully will have better bulid quality
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    I'm just hoping this lasts until the next (sturdy) webos device comes out.
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    When will they have the updated (better built) Pre in terms of quality? I am not talking about Pre2.
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    Personally, I think the Pre is deceptively durable. Yes, the screen can scratch if it's not cared for, but any plastic screen (which is to say, the vast majority) can scratch. That's why the secondary screen protector market is so robust.

    As far as the rest of the device, I think it's like anything else: most problems will show up in the first few weeks while things settle in. The slider on mine, for example, started to get loose (the side-side shuffle, oreo twist, or whatever you want to call it) within the first week, and then settled in. It's not stable--no more nor less twisty. Otherwise, mine feels plenty solidly build--no give in any other areas that I can detect and much more solid than, say, my Mogul and Touch Pro were at this point.

    I think it will last as well as any other phone if taken care of. My company specs durable PDAs and phones as part of our solutions, and of course those are in a different class altogether.
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