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    Palm Pre Costs $170.02 to Make and Is Right on Target, Says iSuppli - WIRELESS AND MOBILE NEWS

    iPhone 3G S Carries $178.96 BOM and Manufacturing Cost, iSuppli Teardown Reveals €” iSuppli Corporation

    Some notable differences

    Iphone Screen costs $35.25 v $39.51
    Pre CPU $10.97 v Iphone Samsung CPU $14.46
    Pre Camera $12.39 v Iphone Camera $9.55
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    Quote Originally Posted by no1smartphone View Post
    Pre Camera $12.39 v Iphone Camera $9.55
    Thats the part that gets me. People act as if putting an outdated non-autofocus camera is some sort of price compromise. But the reality is that the price difference in many of these "luxury items" are next to nothing.

    Obviously, the volume of iPhones make their parts cheaper but considering most of us paid $299 for our phone then there's no excuse for giving us ANY 2008 parts. (Yes, its $299. Look at my credit card bill)

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