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    So, one minor grunt I'm having is not receiving notification of new email when I turn my phone on. I turn my phone off every night (side question: nobody would advise against that, would they?), and when I turn it on in the morning, I receive text messages that we're sent while it was off but I am not notified that I have new email in my inbox that was had arrived while it was off. Is there a way to get the pre to check for new email when the phone turns on? I like my email notifications set on "as it arrives." Maybe there's some sort of workaround. Maybe I can set up my own self-notification that will pop up every time I turn my phone on reminding me to check my email. Or I could write in big words on my wallpaper "Check your email when you turn your phone on!" Or I could just try to remember it with this thing called my brain. But I thought I'd just try to see if there were any other ideas on these forums.
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    With as it arrives you will only get notifications as e-mail arrives in your account (text messages work completely differently). If you set it for checking every hour, or something like that, then you would get the notification of new mail after you turn your phone on.

    My advice would be, leave the phone on "as it arrives" and fire up the e-mail client after you turn your phone on to see if you received any new mail during the night.

    Unless you have a bunch of friends/family overseas or you live in Newfoundland and everyone you know lives in Hawaii, your likely not getting gobs of e-mail while it's dark out anyway??

    edit--if one of your accounts is Exchanged based you could set up the server to shoot you text messages when you get e-mail.
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    My one and only account is gmail. Is that exchanged-based? I don't think I wanna do that text message email notification idea though. Maybe I should set my email to be checked every 5 minutes. It's close enough to "as it arrives" and it'd probably check for new email when I turn the phone on. But... then again, I need "as it arrives." Maybe I'm just gonna have to remember to check it in the morning. Shouldn't be too difficult. I suppose another option is to set an alarm that reminds me?

    Wait, I have a solution!

    Google Calendar can send you daily agenda notification emails. It can also send you daily agenda notification text messages. Receiving both everyday at 5am before I wake up (Google Calendar doesn't give you the option to change the time), the daily agenda notification text message should remind me to check my email every morning! Yay!

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