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    What's the best way to remove duplicate Events and Contacts? When I first got my Pre I could not get the sync to work with our exchange server. I was impatient so I used the Data Transfer Assistant to move my data from Outlook to the Pre. Well after nearly three weeks I have the Exchange sync working. The problem is now the majority of my information is duplicated. I started going through day by day deleting the duplicates but it's going to take for ever. Is there an easier way to remove them? Since all of the contacts and events from the original sync are stored in my Palm Profile can I simply delete it and create a new one?


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    If you go into backup, and turn it off, you're presented with an option to turn off and erase the backup. You could try that route and turn it back on. Might get rid of your duplicates if that's where they are being stored.
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    if you dont have that many contacts then just go to the contact that has a "+2" next to their name then delete their profile.
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    Search for the Chapura pocket mirror thread. Post #29 (as I recall), has some instructions on wiping the Palm Profile to avoid duplicates.

    Also, when I went through this exercise, I finally got a clean set of Outlook contacts that I synched with Pocket Mirror. However, my gmail contacts were also being replicated in the contact card itself, but not in the non-editable view. IN other words, if I wanted to edit the card, I could see two versions of the same number. I solved this by deleting the gmail profile in my contacts.

    Definitely try to find a systematic way of doing this if possible rather than manually going through one by one. Otherwise, the problem may crop up again.
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    If it's duplicated on the Exchange server, you can actually arrange the entries by date and mass delete the duplicates. As I recall it's not that easy to do, but I went through the Microsoft knowledge base and it worked like a charm.
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    I too have the similar problem of duplicate contacts and my database is over 8,000 contacts so it's got to be an automated solution. When I went to the Sprint store they transferred my contacts from my Treo to the Pre and then a day later I was able to automate thru Google.

    Now my dilema is how to get rid of those extra 8,000+ contacts. I tried the suggestion earlier of going into 'backup' and turning off but that didn't work. So now I'm looking for any help to avoid having over 16,000 contacts bogging my phone down.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated.
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    I also have duplicate contacts from outlook (using pocket mirror) and the palm profile. I can't find the thread that you mentioned (Chapura pocket mirror thread. Post #29). I really want to wipe out the contacts and calendar items on the palm profile and end up with a clean set of Outlook data.
    How is it done? Can you provide a link to the instructions?
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    I got this a long time ago. Don't believe it's free, but it works VERY well. You have to run it on your 'puter, then synergy sync'ing should clean up your pre.

    MAPILab - Duplicates Remover for Outlook - Outlook plug-in for deleting duplicate contacts, notes, tasks, etc.
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    The problem in my case is that I have 6500+ contacts in my Palm account (transfered with the data transfer utility) and 6500+ duplicates that I transfered over using Missing Sync. Palm's Data Transfer Utility actually does a better job than Mark/Space because it includes the contact pictures, but once you've transfered into your Pre, there's no way to sync back with your computer (A Mac in my case)
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    Question, How do you delete a Palm contact if it's the last contact left??
    Also how do you totally delete the Palm profile for contacts??
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    cant u just link them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by short_round View Post
    cant u just link them?
    damn, i just created a new thread too.
    Anyway It isn't a linked contact. It's just a palm contact, not a palm/google contact. Is there a way to delete it? i can't find a way.
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    same here
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    After some of my calender items, and all my contacted duplicated in Outlook, not just on the phone, I found this and it was great!

    www vaita dot com / ODIR.asp is the site (can't post the link)
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    Great freeware - but only seems to address duplicdates already in Outlook. I seem to have duplicates only on the Pre, I think as a result of trying Missing Sync and Companion Link USB sync software - both with communication issues, and also having PocketMirror still within Outlook from my former use with the Palm Treo.

    Any ideas?

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