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    At first when I had the Pre I would leave 3-4 cards open at all times similar to what I do on my laptop (OSX) - usually E-Mail, Messaging and Phone. The basic stuff.

    I did that for about a week. Then I decided to try closing all cards and using the Pre that way. Although I was expecting it to be worse than leaving cards open, to my surprise, it was even better!

    Mainly due to the excellent notification system and universal search feature. Some examples:

    - When I had E-Mail left open, I could go to it and read emails or click icon to compose new email. Now, if I have new email I use notification to go straight to that email or inbox - just as fast. If I want to write a new email, just search for a contact using keyboard and click on their email.

    - Messaging was left open but became annoying to switch between conversations and such. If I have it closed and use notifications I'm taken to the conversation that I just received a message from and it's just as fast.

    - Phone is useful for dialing #s for sure but if you're dialing people again the keyboard comes in handy.

    There's nothing wrong with leaving cards open and I still do it when I'm using them but I've started to try to keep a "clean desktop" where if I'm not using any of the apps I just close the card. This probably helps memory usage by minimizing memory leaks/drain, battery life since no cards are running the CPU is taxed the least and of course I get to look at my desktop whenever I turn on my Pre

    What do you all do?
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    I do a little bit of both. I keep those cards open (along with Pandora or course); but I use the notifications bar to access any new messages.

    The notification bar has got to be the slickest part of WebOS, I absolutely love it.
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    I close them all force of habit from my 800w if you didnt close all the apps on that wonderful *cough* device the battery would be dead as a door nail in about 2 hours. Not sure if it effects the battery life positively in the pre... perhaps I should test that lol
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    i used to close all my cards out of habit, but slowly moved to leaving more open.
    however, lately i have been closing cards just to get the clean desktop and be able to look at my cool walpapers lol
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    If I could get email notification to point to ALL INBOXES, I'd leave it closed, but I leave that open. Everything else can stay closed.

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