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    I receive my faxes to an email based fax service number ( similar to's service). As a new pre user, coming from WiMo phones, I've never had a problem opening the faxes from my hotmail account. They come over email as pdf files. in my other phones, whatever pdf viewer that was on the phone is the one that would open that file. But with the pre, the files don't come over as pdf's, but the attachement looks like a small "photo".. (like a small picture of a sunset). the phone doesnt know it's a pdf therefore, doesnt open it. I get the "cannot find an application which can open this file" message. I was under the impression the phone just didnt open pdf's from the email app but decided to email myself a "non fax pdf". That file opened and the phone recognized it as a pdf.

    Has anyone used a email based fax service and could they open the attachments. unfortuneatly, this is a deal breaker for me as i need to open my fax attachments (hotmail) while out of the office. the phone is a cool alternative to the WinMo phones i've had in the past..

    thanks for any help.


    edit: i just forwarded myself one of my "fax emails" from hotmail to a yahoo account i have on the phone and it recognized the file as a pdf and therefore opened it. easy solution for me because i can have the faxes forwarded to several email accounts. but interesting none the less that the phones homtail account doesnt see them as pdf's yet yahoo and gmail does.
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