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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyg View Post
    Yes, close your eyes.
    Or use the Pre in direct sunlight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pomokey View Post
    I agree, the screen is too bright, and they keyboard is too dim! this should be very simple to fix, or perhaps even a 3rd party app could adjust this.
    I've played around with this a bit. It seems that the keyboard brightness is tied to the screen brightness. When you have the screen turned up the keyboard is also brighter.
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    I ended up returning my pre for this that and the other, you know....but one of them was the keyboard brightness

    That's a little embarassing.

    by the way, you really have to try media monkey!
    it's a FREE music manager with wma to mp3 conversion capability, tagging with image support, etc etc. just be careful not to tell it to tag everything using the internet (mistake!). It should also sync very well with the pre.
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