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    Last night I rented a few movies from my local Redbox. Redbox is an automated DVD vending machine. All redbox machines are connected to the internet BTW. I also have an account tied to me gmail address for online reservations, receipts etc....

    So FF to tonight, I go to return the movies, I push Return DVD on the screen, The little door opens and I slide the disc in. While waiting for the machine to process the return my pre goes off in my pocket. I pull it out and I have an email...

    What is the email?

    My return confirmation/receipt for the DVD the machine is till processing.... So within 15 seconds of me sliding the DVD into the slot I had my email receipt.... If anyone ever wonders how fast Gmail push on the Pre is here is proof....

    ANd BTW it was the same on the next 2 movies I returned...

    I love this phone+Sprint+Gmail....
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    When I switched to "As Items Arrive", it weirded me out something fierce when I was getting mail alerts on my Pre while the browser I was looking at didn't show anything yet.
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    Awesome! Also love Redbox. Great combination all around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DirkBelig View Post
    When I switched to "As Items Arrive", it weirded me out something fierce when I was getting mail alerts on my Pre while the browser I was looking at didn't show anything yet.
    ditto to that, i use gmail for tons of different things from friends to my wonders having emails sent (quicker than) instantly!!!
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    Excellent. I am looking forward to it!
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    Isn't redbox in mcdonalds?
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    same thing happened to me at the UPS store. i swiped my card and within seconds, my pre jangled alerting me that my paypal debit card payment had been processed! reminds me of the chattermail days
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    good to know!
    it's stories like this that make me happy with this phone.
    now, if they can fix the battery
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    Have you tried the Redbox Web App yet? Looks interesting, but I can't tell if it works since it wants a Safari browser and I'm still waiting for my Pre.
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    cool story...but push = instant(or as they arrive). not that big of mogul has been doing this for years with hotmail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyg View Post
    Isn't redbox in mcdonalds?
    I believe they are in some places... But there isn't one in any of the McD's here...
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    The email function on the Pre has been one of the best upgrades to me over my old Treo, can easily see all incomming emails from multiple accounts on one screen if I want and get notifications as they come in if I want. One thing I would like to see in an update is the ability to search the emails. I use search a lot with both Yahoo and Gmail and would like to be able to do it from the Pre email application.
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    The Pre's e-mail (particularly push Gmail and IMAP folders) are what really make me like this phone over my old Blackberry w/ BIS. The BB, despite its "world-class" e-mail support, sucks with e-mail on BIS. The Pre is awesome.
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    I have a account that I have forwarded to my gmail so I can get mail as it arrives. I did a test several times and it only takes about 10 seconds to go from email a to b to c. I know how you feel. It is awesome!!

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