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    i tried searching, couldnt find anything...

    im trying to add an email account but the sign in button wont let me click it. what gives?
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    ill try this one more time. anyone know how to fix this?
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    You are going to have to provide us with a few more details to be of any help. We can't read your mind dude!

    Service provider (Gmail, Yahoo,.....)?
    What are you putting into the data fields?

    Like this....
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    i dont really know what else i can say. its an account. the "sign in" button is just grayed out and wont let me click it.
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    You are entering your email address and password in, right?

    I might try shutting it down for a little while and starting it back up to see if it resets or just try a reboot.
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    yea everything is right. even if i typed my password wrong it should still let me try to sign in and then just tell me the password is incorrect. i already restarted my pre and nothing came out of it :/
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    Try this.....

    When setting up the account click the upper left hand corner (email) and choose Manual Setup. Then call AOL and populate the rest of the fields with the info given to you from tech support. You may also find this info on a AOL support page. I don't use AOL so I don't know what it is.

    This will work. I has work for many others.

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