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    So yesterday I notice a couple stuck pixels, which dont bother me because i cant really see them unless the screen is black. My concern is could this be a sign of things to come, meaning more stuck pixels eventually. More importantly Ive been having an issue with the USB charger, when i plug the phone into the charger it doesnt always start charging. I have to plug and unplug a few times before it will actually start charging. I bought on day one, if I exchange it, does the 30 day return policy start over for the new one. I dont want to get on that has more problems and be stuck with it. Also I have TEP, if i make a claim do the have to give me a brand new one or can they replace with a refurb. I dont want to spend 200 dollars on a phone that was just someone elses problem. Thanks
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    I'd say call them and ask *2
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    The phone can be returned for defect within 30 days of original purchase date.

    Asurion will likely send a refurbished device unless none are available. Refurbished phones go through stricter quality control than new devices.
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    Im sure they do, but I should not have to settle for my brand new device being replaced with for all intents a used device.

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