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    I'm on a trial of Sprint TV (the extra channels)...

    I find the selection not bad and the image much better than the free Sprint TV... but some channels - for example MSNBC have a volume setting that is so low - even on full volume it's hard to hear... while others - the History Channel, for example, are just fine.

    Anyone else have this issue... no problems with my volume/speakers other than this.

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    My volume is fine. I use a Moto S9 and it works nicely for casual listening.
    What I do NOT LIKE about Sprint TV is there is no Fox News Channel. Mobi TV has it. Now what is up with that Sprint ?
    Sorry - I do not have a resolution for your matter. Good Luck.
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    Wow, so many people seem to be using Sprint TV... no responses?
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    I barely use Sprint TV, but I do agree about the volume. It is a little better with headphone.
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    I don't have Sprint TV Xtra anymore, but when I had it, MSNBC was the one channel that I had volume issues with. Most of the others were okay...they were better with my BT headphones than over the speaker.
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