View Poll Results: Have you returned or exchanged your pre because of poor signal?

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  • Nope! It works just fine!

    71 55.04%
  • Yes! I exchanged it, and now I am happy as a clam!

    3 2.33%
  • Yes! I exchanged it, and the new pre is just as bad!

    6 4.65%
  • Yes! I returned it - I love it, but I cant use it! :-(

    6 4.65%
  • Not yet, but I think I will have to within my 30 days

    43 33.33%
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    Half the time my phone switches to roaming to get a signal in the house, the other half I get 1 bar of sprint coverage, so I'm debating it. I tried to get an airave through retentions but was shot down (I'm not paying $99 and $4.99/mo. to get a signal in my own house), so we'll see.
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    Alas, my beloved pre went back to sprint this morning. As much as I was wishing it would work well enough as a phone to meet my needs, it could not. I must now wait patiently for a webos phone on vzw or for there to be some significant improvement made to the software of this phone to result in better signal handling in lower signal areas. It was truly a sad experience returning an otherwise beautiful device (which suffered from no ill).
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    My signal jumps around as well. It really bums me out. I talked to a bunch of sprint customer service reps and in the end nothing really happened. If they offered me the dang airwave I would have definitely got much better reception in my house and wouldn't have to worry about dropped calls...

    That's my biggest gripe here... I mean. Don't put out a dang coverage map that says BEST COVERAGE in my area when I drop calls and get 1 bar.....

    What the heck sprint. Fix this!
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    drwillec -- I was following this thread because I wanted to see what happened when you did come to the point where you were ready to return the phone.

    Did Sprint ultimately try to retain you as a customer once you came into the store and were ready to return your phone?

    Did they (Sprint) give you any grief (Restocking fees) for returning the phone, etc?

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