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    With 1.02 having multiple applications open simulataneously really slowed down the responsiveness of the GUI for me. I performed several soft and hard resets but this was a constant issue and I often saw the message telling me to close apps before new ones can be opened sometimes with only one other app running at the time.

    Enter 1.03. I've been slowly getting more courage to open more apps simultaneously and now I'm truly impressed with this device. I currently have the following cards open:

    Pandora (paused)
    YouTube (currently watching a video)
    Photo Gallery
    Where (currently showing best gas prices)
    Google Maps (pinpointing the location of a specified gas station)
    Sprint Navigator (set with directions pointing me toward said gas station)
    Web Browser (showing
    Web Browser (showing
    Web Browser (showing
    Web Browser (showing
    Camera (ready just in case)

    With all these apps open the PalmOS GUI isn't chugging nearly as badly as it was in 1.02 having only a couple of apps open. It's actually entirely useable in this intensive multitasking state; I'm switching between apps, taking photos, browsing..the works. Granted the battery has dropped from 44% to 33% in 15 minutes, but all things considered at least it's stable for me now. Note to self: buy a car charger.

    I was impressed when I first held my Pre, and only moreso as time goes on.
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    Coming from a winmo device, it is surprising just how capable the pre remains. It's funny though, I have yet to find an actual need to have so many apps open at once even though the option is nice.

    That said, once we get some apps, I'm sure there will be good 'app combination' that are good to have open together. Once the whole 'refresh a website issue you have minized to a card once you return' thing gets solved, this phone will be a multitasking beast.

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