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    Hi all!
    This is my first time posting, and hope to be a regular contributor here!

    I bought my Pre last night, and wanted to chime in on this thread. I absolutely love the phone btw. But my Pre has absolutely ZERO problems. I actually used to work at the bby I got mine from, so I had checked out my former co-workers phone before, and a couple of them seemed to have the oreo effect.

    I looked at mine before I committed to purchase, and it was the first one that I opened. It has zero gap in between the slider, no dead pixels, no light bleeding through, and the keyboard seems to be great.

    The store I bought mine at, got about 13 in, so it seemed like a good shipment.

    I'm not sure if that was a rumor or not that they had worked on QC, but mine has no problems at all, so hope this helps!

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    I'm about to head to my Best Buy store and check one out after just getting "the call". They also just got 13 in, so hopefully that's a sign that they're free of slider issues. Fingers crossed!
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    My date was 7/3/2009 and my phone has nary and issue. It's pretty flawless overall. I'm very happy with the phone overall. It came with 1.0.3 on it.

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    Just got back from picking up my new Pre at Best Buy. The slider is rock solid with an equal less-than-1mm gap all the way around. There aren't any physical defects that I can find at this point, but I haven't had much time with it yet of course.

    The WarrantyDateCode is 7/2/2009 and it came out of the box running 1.0.3. It was the first one from the shipment of 13 that they opened.

    I'm SO glad I stood my ground and returned the other wobbly Pre at the Sprint store last Friday. It's nice not having to wait for the $100 rebate, and the dude at Best Buy said I can exchange it up to three times in the first 30 days.

    In summary: Dear Sprint, Thanks for nuthin!
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    Hmm, maybe I won't wait until Aug to buy mine after all. I just gave myself an arbitrary date to see if some of the HW issues would clear up.
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    Just exchanged my 6/14 pre for a 6/28 pre......

    The phone is significantly more solid; the slider is smoother, less wobble, no creaky back.

    The power button appears to be smaller and more solid as well...

    But the thing that surprised me was the reception. Call me crazy but I am now able to make phone calls from the EXACT spot the last pre could not hold a call on...the reception is still a bit spotty but so far(3 days?), I have not dropped one call in my house where as I could barely even hold a call....

    I completely recommend exchanging your pres for a newer one, as it seems the quality control has improved and the device feels more "solid"
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    It still seems like its a crap shoot...I exhanged my slider crashing solid hardware 5/19 phone for a non slider crashing, wobbly slider, stiff power button, 6/22 phone. The tech went through a couple for me before I took this one, all of which either had a way worse wobble or also had the slider crash. I obviously regret the exchange and wish I had known about the battery replacement before I tried exchanging the whole phone. Oh well, my 30 days are up, I guess I gotta live with it.
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    I bought my first Pre on July 4th at best buy. The warranty date code was Jun 26th. It had a couple of dead pixels and a yellow blotch on the bottom right hand side of the screen.
    A buddy of mine works at best buy and called me this morning when they got 20 Pre's in. I exchanged my first one today and checked the warranty date code... it showed July 2nd. No dead pixels, slider is fine, no oreo effect, pretty much perfect.
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    I also bought mine July 4th and noticed it has a tiny dead pixel at the bottom of the screen and also has slight oreo movement. Another thing that is annoying is the charger door on the doesn't close completely (it isn't flush with the side of the phone)

    Should I return my Pre for another one?? I just wasn't sure if these were the same problems other people were having.

    Also, no one ever answered how you check the manufacture date on the phone, please help! Thanks!
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    To check the date (from earlier in this thread): Dial ##786#
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    So its the warrantydatacode date?
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    meangreengdub: yep!
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    The dumb ***** Spritn rep hasn't been returning my calls. I am trying to get my Pre but until she calls me back I am screwed. I actually quit the job at the company she was the rep for but I am still going to go through her and get the discount. I just hope she calls me back before the Pre 2 comes out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlanza1054 View Post

    Then discovered that the audio jack was bad but was hoping it was only the provided headset.

    It was a bad jack, the left side would play, touch the jack the right, touch the jack they both worked.. etc.
    Whoa! I've never even tried earphones with my Pre! Better check it out before my 30 days are up!
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    I took my Pre into the Sprint store today (I have had it for a little less than 2 weeks) It had several dead pixels and some serious roaming/reception issues. They decided to simply replace it (previous warranty date was 06/17 or something like that). The new Pre I received today has a date of 07/01/09 and it really seems like the slider is much tighter and takes more to open (I didnt really notice that my previous one was loose or anything until I received the new one.)

    Once I finally started looking at the Pre when I got settled at home this evening I noticed that the right side back lighting on my keyboard is out and there are 3 dead pixels. As far as the right keys being dim, they are not streaky, a light on that side is definitely not functioning and my first Pre didn't have the problem. The 3 right keys on each row are not lit (on the last row it is only the right two next to the space bar). So it looks like I will be back at the Sprint store, hopefully they can fix it or replace it, because I really need back lighting on the keyboard.
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    I just had to exchange my one week old Pre at Best buy today for oreo and resetting issues and they just received a shipment yesterday and the lady was nice enought to open about 6 boxes for me and we finally found one with a tight slider. It has the 7/1 warranty code. I am keeping my fingers crossed but so far this is perfect. I don't know if all the ones she opened were from the latest batch but they all had loose sliders. I am going to treat this one with kid gloves.
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    I just got mine today and it has 7/08/09 on the box. A thing i did notice was the little button was actually sunk in more, possibly fixing the cracking screen issue? It has a little wobble but with the tutorial on how to fix it, it should be good
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    mine has a 6/20 warranty date and it has a slight oreo effect however not as bad as some I have seen, it is worthwhile trying to get it replaced ? The reason I ask is that is there someone out there (or a lot of you) that really do not have the oreo effect on there phones. I have seen more then 10 and all have it to some extent, just some more then others ?
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    Got mine on 7/1 and it has a date of 6/18. The phone functionally is flawless, slider is tight yet smooth in action, screen is perfect. My only issue is poor battery life even after applying all the tips, and probably caused because my signal fluctuates so much, even when perfectly stationary.
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    I've already exchanged my phone once because of a broken USB cover. My current phone is dated 06/17/09 and is perfect. I did upgrade to the Touchstone during the transaction. I think maybe that was Palm's intention when they engineered that crappy little cover in the first place
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