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    WOOOOHOOOOO!!! Here is the short renewal period isnt up until October of this year. Im on a family plan with 4 phones and im not the main line so there was no way for me to upgrade for the new price advertised BUT is there?!?!?!...Went into Sprint today yet again for like the 30th time and the lady tells me that the other 2 lines on the plan are elgible for upgrade and that if they arent getting new phones you can use there upgrade BAM!!!!!!!!!!! It took over a month for someone to tell me that and made me the happiest person in the world!! Plus its my bday today which made it even better. So by this weekened the Pre will be mine!!!!!

    Just wanted to share with you all lol
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    happy birthday, lol
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    happy birthday

    sounds like what happened to me.

    I was on a 3 year old "2000 minute/no data included" family plan with sprint and I walked into the store wanting to get a new phone. Just so happens that I went in on the release date of the palm pre. I was able to get the last one they had in the store and I was dead set on getting the 8330 curve when I walked in. I also was able to update my family plan and it actually turns out that the everything family plan was cheaper than the 3yr old plan with 2000 shared minutes was. Needless to say, I was very happy
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    Awesome story and Happy Birthday!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knight_Lauderdale View Post
    ... the other 2 lines on the plan are elgible for upgrade ....
    That's the same issue with my account. I got my wife a Pre on a spare line we have for emergencies. As soon as the rebate goes though, I'll swap the lines wife/spare so her's will permanently be on the Pre....

    Kinda of a kludge but she was OK with is as it gives her time to get accustomed with the Pre.
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    Happy Birthday!!
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    happy bday and congrats! you're gonna love the phone!

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