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    I've had mine for about a week now and, like everyone else, treated it like a porcelain god . . . while I was sober. Then last night after leaving a club I f'ing dropped it on the street. It bounced twice but didn't crack or break. I had a charging issue this morning -- the battery wouldn't charge past 1 percent -- but after removing and reinstalling the battery everything appears back to normal (but the top, it seems, is a little wobblier now...)

    What's everyone else's story who's dropped their Pre? Has anyone done it multiple times? What's the result?
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    I dropped mine once- 3ft to a tile floor right on the bottom right corner. I have a small triangular shapped crack on the bottom / side with a hairline crack crack extending to within a 1/4 inch of the button. I was really ticked. I put a screen protector on so it is not noticeable and does not effect function. The cracks have not grown. I'm relieved...
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    Once. Today. But it was in a tiny little wristlet pouch and fell on a carpeted floor from about waist-high. i hope it's ok.
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    3 or 4 times. I have a St. Bernard pup that likes to knock it out of my hand. No scratches yet, but now I have put a screen protector on just in case. My slider is pretty wobbly. I'm thinking about giving tightening the screws a shot
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    i dropped mine about 4 feet at the pool and it hit the cement ground and only left a small scartch on the botton on the phone, other than that nothing major seems pretty durable
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    let me start off by saying that, after a couple of long island iced teas, this thing gets pretty slippery. i dropped it while taking it out of my pocket a few days ago at some bar. it now has a small scratch on the uppper left side.
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    Dropped mine in a shallow puddle from my lap while getting out of a car. I ALWAYS DO THIS! no scratches. Tiniest of nicks somewhere I have to REALLY look for it though. No screen protector! all balls out! I had that 30 dollar screen protector from Best buy. But I didnt like the way the screen looked after I installed it. No problems. It still feels fragile to me. But its put up with my abuse. and im pretty bad. I even had it in the same pocket as my keys multiple times.
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    Dropped it twice off my bed onto the hardwood floor. It's got the Touchstone back, and luckily, about an hour before the first drop, I trimmed down an old tablet PC screen protector to cover the entire front face. The screen protector ended up with a large gash, but the screen is completely intact.

    I ended up pulling off the screen protector because I didn't like the way it fit and it also felt awkward for touch purposes, but it served its purpose well for that couple hours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by millsam89 View Post
    3 or 4 times. I have a St. Bernard pup that likes to knock it out of my hand. No scratches yet, but now I have put a screen protector on just in case. My slider is pretty wobbly. I'm thinking about giving tightening the screws a shot
    My dog doesnt like the Pre. If i lay it on a table he starts sniffing it and pushes it with his nose. He never paid attention to my Centro. He even growled at it the other day. I think its the mirror on back that bugs him.
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    Heres my story about dropping the pre...

    It was a friday evening. I found a store that had one. I rushed over, bought it, turned it on and played. It WAS perfect. I quickly realized I needed to get my root certificate over to it. So I plugged in the usb waited for my computer to identify it and thats when it happened. The device slipped off my leg and onto the hardwood floor with cable still attached. It landed on its top or side. After retrieving it from the floor I realized the entire screen was wrecked... Cracked? No. something inside the screen cracked. I lost all colors except for a faint glimps of red and the backlight. The entire device was toast. I could not read it nor was it usuable. Lets just say I was extremely angry. I had the phone for a total of 30 minutes. There is no reason this should have broken like that.

    after the weekend passed, I was able to exchange it. sadly I have to exchange this one too. I have the yellow blur on the bottom right. But i'll wait 20 days and exchange it.
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    Dropped my Pre a dozen times so far. Each time I drop it, the battery life gets a tad bit better. sometimes i drop it hard enough to have it bounce back up into my hand off of the pavement. Hollow plastic will do that ya know!
    Still working just fine after a dozen bouts with the pavement.
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    I have dropped mine twice in a minor way. About 5 minutes ago I dropped it from about 3 feet onto a very thin area rug. No damage or problem. The other day I dropped it from my pocket onto a plywood floor. Again no damage or scratches, but I was really worried.

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    Actually had mine fly right out of the stupid leather holster 2x already and no issues at all....the first time was on the border of a grass and dirt area must have flown 2 ft and the other dropped minorly onto my hardwood floor...

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