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    I have 2 Pre's, bought the same day (for wife and myself). Mine is 100% perfect. No issues with wobbles, dead pixels, etc. Maybe some light bleeding at the bottom of the screen but it doesn't bother me.

    My wife's has a penny-thickness-sized gap and very loose slider (oreo-like). No dead pixels on her phone either.

    We will be taking my wife's back to the Sprint store for a replacement, but will test out the new one before taking it.

    My big question is this: if it is deemed that they build quality wasn't up to snuff, will there be a "recall" or something for those of us who got them early? I'm not saying we should, I just wonder if that is how they may do it...

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chodaboy View Post
    No offense, but I did not buy a BB Storm. I bought a Palm Pre. Different companies and different products.
    No offense taken. I'm not telling you to buy a bb storm nor is anyone else. I merely reference it as a comparison and not as a direction pointer of where you should go. Also, yes they are different companies, but they're "similar/like" products (smartphones) not different products.

    Yes you bought a Pre, but you have other options on the Sprint network if you didn't want to jump ship to a different carrier and you didn't want to be on your 3rd Pre. The fact that you're on your 3rd Pre tells me that you're either a masochist or you really like the concept of the Pre that you would be willing to stick with it for a 3rd try. I understand your frustration being on your 3rd Pre. But again, if you didn't want to risk being on the 3rd one, simply return it, wait about 3-6 months to get the Pre again then. At that point, a fair amount of the hardware/software issues would be expected to be resolved and there would be more potential functionality and apps available as well. You're not forced to use the Pre and you were obviously using a different phone before the Pre. Just switch back for a few months longer.

    Other than that, I truly hope your 3rd Pre is giving you as little issues as possible (or no issues like me and the few that's written back on this thread that they've been happy with their Pres with no issues).
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    Quote Originally Posted by bgriffin1497 View Post
    Route from China to US is via Africa????? Bad attempt at a joke!
    I thought it was funny!
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