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    I think part of the problem with the supply is the way some Sprint stores may be handling wait lists. I went to a corporate store last night just to look at the Pre, as my contract with AT&T isn't up for a bit over a week, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to jump on a waiting list yet, or wait a month more to let Palm/Sprint work out some more kinks that I've been reading about on this site.

    Upon talking to the sales rep, he said since I would be a new customer he would be able to bump me up higher on the wait list and get the Pre before other customers who have been with the company already.

    Now I know this may be a completely random thing for him to do, and it may not even be true, might have just been trying to butter me up a bit. However if this is how they are handling this at other stores, this could explain why some people feel they have been on a wait list for too long already.

    Just my 2cents.
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    But you have to feel for the OP, what is the reason for the hold up. More and more people are demanding the phone, SHIP MORE!! They claim they are not competing with Apple but we know thats BS. iPhone has a huge market share on the smart phone industry, not just for ATT, because lets face it, Apple is very aware many of their devices are jailbroken, and could care less, more money for them right?

    Palm has had this history of not listening to consumer demands, if they really want to compete they better start shipping more and listen more to consumer demands....
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