There was recently a thread made by someone explaining how he or she called up Palm, and was given a pre through the mail by explaining his problem rationally and calmly to the palm rep. I read through that thread and saw that some people that called the number, the thread maker left, weren't as lucky as he was. I wasn't able to understand why this may be the case considering most of you have had the same problems as this individual, and it seems unlikely you wouldn't get similar treatment. Since viewing this site I have noticed that MY pre has had a unique problem, different from those who have explained their difficulties with the phone through the numerous threads on this site. I decided I would give it go and see if I would be able to accomplish what some other were unable to accomplish and try and exchange my pre (with the defect) for a new one through palm. I did it this way because, about a week ago, i got a knee surgery and have been unable to leave my house in any way without some form of pain or discomfort. This made it hard for me to go to my nearest Sprint store and try and exchange my phone down there. While talking to the rep I calmly explained my problem and how it had me worried that with more use of the phone the problem would continue to grow and leave me unable to use the device in the future. He transferred me over to a specialist which helped me with my problem. The specialist took down all my info and told me that they would send me a new device overnight, and that I would have to send back the defective device to allow them to run tests on it. He said I would get a call within the next couple of days with more details and questions from another specialist. I'll be updating you all on my progress to let you know how the procedure continues to go and how Palm handles the situation. I realized, because of this, that Palm is only willing to send out new phones to those who may have unique problems with the device which would allow them to test the device to ensure that this doesn't happen in the future.