Okay this is really strange. My battery life is terrible, mostly due to the fringe area I work in I'm assuming. So I decided to get a Touchstone for my desk at work, so when I get off work I'm at 100%, no problems with coverage at home so I'll be good.

So I'm at 26% battery life when I get off work, and I go straight to Sprint and buy my Touchstone. I open it up and pop the new cover on (feels GREAT by the way). I hooked the Touchstone up, but I sat on the couch with my laptop and wasn't near it, so I didn't bother charging it yet. About an hour and half later I said, "Shoot, this thing's probably about to die," so I started to get up and checked the battery life. 24%. I did a double take. I should mention that before I was dropping 8%+ an hour, and while I sat on the couch I was sending/receiving texts regularly.

Now, skip ahead to today at work, it's been on the TS all day. I usually have no signal here, but I'm consistently seeing 1-2 bars today. At lunch, I grab it off the TS, head to lunch, and it ends up taking longer than usual. I was gone an hour and 45 minutes. I just checked my battery life. 98%.

Also, my phone gets nowhere near as hot as it did with the original cover while charging or on the phone. Strange, it's contrary to what everyone else experienced. I know this has to somehow be a big coincidence, but I'm really surprised. I'm even happier with my Pre now, and was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this?