Two questions..

1. Has anyone who exchanged their Pre (for reception issues or any issue in general) get better/worse reception with your new Pre? Such as in areas where you spend most of your time.. house, work, etc

2. People with two or more Pre's availiable... have you tested to see if they stay close to the same signal power side-by-side?

I've read through the various reception-issue posts and I also understand that the Pre, overall, doesn't do as good of a job holding a strong signal as different Sprint phones do in the same location. I just want to verify that the reception issue is an overall Pre/Sprint issue and not device specific.

I absolutely love my Pre and have no other issues except reception (which used to be great at areas such as my house). I was considering returning it before the 30 days were up if anyone has experienced getting better reception out of an exchanged Pre... there is also the Airwave route.