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    Quote Originally Posted by alivia View Post
    or easier sync with ical
    or new apps for better calendar
    or color for the calendar
    the image quality is so good on the phone why does teh calendar suck so bad
    If you setup Google Calendar as a CalDAV calendar with iCal you will be able to manage the calendar in iCal and Google Calendar will act as a conduit between iCal and the Pre. I've been using it for about two weeks now and it works perfectly.

    Instructions here:
    Get Started with CalDAV - Google Calendar Help
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    When will contact groups and the ability to send text messages / emails to those groups be offered? This is the make or break issue for me. If it is not fixed by the time that I am at the end of the 30 days, I will be returning the phone.

    Also, copy-paste in non-editable fields?
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    A "Palm Desktop" type utility for manage contacts, link contacts, manage calendar, etc. And not part of Outlook or Google, but a real Palm Desktop utility
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quold View Post
    Also, copy-paste in non-editable fields?
    BIG +1 on this!
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    I agree with printing out what we've been asking in the forums. I would like to know when they'll let dev's divulge that they're working on a Pre app so we can bug folks and get legit answers. Also, get them to acknowledge their understanding of the signal issue - hardware, software, service?

    That's it for me. I want the 3rd party information most.
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    got all that? lol, palm has their work cut out for them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    yes! My wife would also like to know about this

    lmao! +1
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    wait, wait! one more thing. everyone is dying for flash adobe support, but what about running adobe air apps? that would open up another platform for development besides the "palm way"
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    I have EAS working personally but there will be plenty of people that would likely breathe a bit easier if you could triple confirm that complete support for EAS (PIN/Remote Wipe) was still supposed to be coming out in 2 months or less.
    +1 Definitely need to know the answer to this one before my wife kills me. I am tired of hearing "but my Instinct would do it."
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    Good luck getting any answers.

    I spoke to a Palm rep at my local corporate Sprint Store last Sunday. He barely knew any more than the Sprint Reps. In fact he admitted that he had only worked for Palm for 2 months. He also said that the only reason Palm was putting reps in Sprint Stores was to try to help sell more Pre's.
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    What is the status of the facebook contact update? Deleting and re-adding my FB account is not a viable solution at all. Also, how about support for bluetooth data transfers like pix and contacts?
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    holly crap....uh ya they are gonna b busy w stuff to answer...and here comes a huge thread count for me when i get back...
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    Ask them why I can't hang up on a call when I am on another call.
    Ask them why my battery burns through so fast.
    Ask them why cpu scaling is in, but not enabled.
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    Two questions about the email client please: When will the ability to have subfolders push be implemented (presently they only sync manually)? Also, when will the bug where email inboxes (not subfolders) push even though they are set to be manual.
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    will we ever be able to download stuff right off of the internet? like pics, or zshare files?
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    Please ask about Hebrew support.
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    Please ask about Asian(Korean) input method, too.
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    When are they going to close the security hole of installing apps via email links? I can't wait to see the 'clickme.ipk' file that pawns are Palm Pre's and makes a huge bot-net.
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    I want to know if they can fix or add the feature of linking a contact to a calendar event!


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    FACEBOOK APP? Please ask about it..
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