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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    +1 for LED notification. about changing ring tone for SMS, E-Mail, ect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by natrixgli View Post
    +1 for that list. Print that and take it with you.
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    Can you ask them if there is a date set for when the Pre will be available online?
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    How about any word on improvements to the hardware issues, eg. screen blotches, loose sliders, etc?
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    ask about when the flash player will be up.
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    When are their task and memo apps going to be back up to quality? And for us nontechies, if you want us to use the cloud you need to explain better where the backups are going, how EVERYTHING can get backed up and how secure our info is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by halmo20 View Post
    Are they planning to add LED notification???? I really like to know this before my 30 days is up. I may have to give up on Pre without this feature... Yes, it's that important to me.

    Man, are you serious?!...
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    I have EAS working personally but there will be plenty of people that would likely breathe a bit easier if you could triple confirm that complete support for EAS (PIN/Remote Wipe) was still supposed to be coming out in 2 months or less.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wgregory View Post
    My biggest question is what, if anything, are they doing to improve the signal? I'm dropping calls right and left while driving in areas where I have not dropped calls with my previous two Sprint phones over the last four years. (Previous phones were the Touch and Katana before that.) I honestly cannot remember the last time I dropped a phone call before getting the Pre.
    I had an early katana and I can tell you...they had the best reception of any other phone I have ever had
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    just ask when the pre2 is out.
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    Timeline for adding the ability to invite attendees to meetings set up in the Calendar. Also, forwarding and multiple recipients using MMS.
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    i spoke with a palm re today and he told me that updates for the pre will be on fridays like the last two were and that there will be atleast one update every month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahnoff View Post
    How about any word on improvements to the hardware issues, eg. screen blotches, loose sliders, etc?
    Screen issues mainly.ieeeeee cracking screens.Please.
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    Streaming radio from like the Treo can do.
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    1. What about any calendar enhancements.
    2. Stronger vibrate?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Csquared View Post
    Stronger vibrate?
    Yes! My wife would also like to know about this
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Duck View Post
    Screen issues mainly.ieeeeee cracking screens.Please.
    Yes, when will the hardware issues be addressed, if ever? Do they acknowledge hardware issues (cracked screens, blotches, etc, as others have mentioned).

    Has hardware been changed already? Some people have reported exchange their "bad" Pre for a "good" Pre.

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    or easier sync with ical
    or new apps for better calendar
    or color for the calendar
    the image quality is so good on the phone why does teh calendar suck so bad
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    Quote Originally Posted by Predator-1 View Post
    Man, are you serious?!...
    Sucks for him because he couldn't get an iPhone either since there's no LEDs at all on that thing. Also the notifications suck compared to Pre. i.e. If you miss an alert there's no reminder (except for SMS).
    "There are 10 types of people in the world, those that understand binary and those that don't"
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    Led is a def, plus a virtual keyboard be great. Speed up the release of the SDK.
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