View Poll Results: Does your week-old Pre shuffle side to side?

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  • No. Mine feels like one solid piece--say, a polished river stone.

    24 24.00%
  • Yes, but less than a millimeter to each side.

    58 58.00%
  • Yes, and more than a millimeter to each side.

    18 18.00%
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    Actually, mine goes more to the left at the top...
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    Okay, well, after reading the poll results and having my proximity sensor start flaking out on me, I decided to exchange mine. My local store had two new yellow-box Pre in stock, and so I went in to do the deal.

    Imagine my surprise when the first, and then the second, had HUGE gaps in between the two slider parts and a side-side shuffle that makes my Pre seem like a 30-year-old arthritic mule. Which is to say, mine barely moves compared to those. If that's what you folks in the third category are experiencing, then I consider myself lucky.

    I'm going to see what comes in the next shipment, but if they're like that at all, I'm sticking with mine. Wow.
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    Mine screen's more like a "white man shimmy": firmly planted in one spot but you can get it to move with enough pressure.
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