I have a problem, and I hope someone is experiencing this too so that I'm not the only crazy person. It has happened a few times, but I am unable to duplicate it under ideal condition.

The phone rings, I pull the phone out of my pocket, the screen is off but the phone is still ringing. I power on the screen and it comes on, but doing so hangs up the phone and said that I rejected the call. Another time as I was pulling out the phone from my pocket I can see the screen was on but shuts off as I tried to answer the phone. The phone still rings. When I try to turn the screen on int comes on but it hangs up the phone with a rejected call again. This is driving me nuts, I always miss phone calls. Other times it rings and I have to drag the "unlock" button a couple of times before it picks up the phone. It's not like I miss the button I can see it. It's just slow and I end up dragging a couple of times before it "unlocks"