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    I love the pre keyboard for typing but sometimes when you just need to type a few characters it is easier to have an onscreen keyboard then to open and close the slider.
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    Can't imagine why not. They can add it after the fact since it's just a software change...and it would allow them to sell WebOS devices that do not have keyboards. I imagine that Palm is following the Android model to some extent - include/prioritize what you need to support your first hardware device...and then add other capabilities to support other devices in the future. Android 1.0 did not have an on-screen keyboard, which wasn't an issue since the G-1 had a physical keyboard. The G-2, however, does not have a physical keyboard...and the "cupcake" release of the OS added an on-screen keyboard just in time to support that device.

    Of course, Palm has a different development model, but I still think that we will see one sooner or later.
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    yea i agree.
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    Yes it is coming, i think it will be in the next update or after summer. But it is coming.
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    opening the slider is just soooo hard. An on screen kb is stupid when you already have a kb. Palm has like a zillion other things to worry about first.

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