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    i posted a some what similar problem in another thread, and nobody was able to help. i've downloaded attachments for pdf. and ppt. files and can't find them afterwards. the only way i was able to access the files was by returning to the email they were sent in and opening it from there. i would think that after downloading the files i would be able to open them from either docs to go, or the pdf viewer. but the files aren't there.

    i found this to be weird because i emailed a bunch of wallpapers to myself and after downloading the attached files i was able to access the wallpapers from the photo viewer, i didn't have to go through the email they were sent in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brett328 View Post
    when I click on the downloaded file (*.123) it comes back with, "cannot find an application which can open this file."

    Looks like I'll have to travel to find some interet cafe.

    hard to believe!
    It is telling you the truth. There is no application on the Pre that can read a Lotus 123 file.

    Your best bet is to open the Lotus file on you desktop and save it as a Excel file. Then transfer to the Pre thru email or USB. Then you can see it on the Pre, but it will be read only, until the "full" version of Docs 2 go is released.
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    Ok, found an internet cafe. All is taken care of, no thanks to my Pre "superphone".

    So. bottom line is, if you receive an email with an attachment that is not recognized by the onboard doc viewer, you are able to download the attachment, but not able to open or access it via any means whatsoever! There is no ability to save the attachment to your USB drive on the Pre! There is no way to access the attachment via the USB drive and your PC.

    Seems almost impossible. How could this be overlooked?
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    To clarify, I emailed myself a spreadsheet from my work computer, so that I could do some work on my laptop while on vacay. I wanted to use my pre to download the spreadsheet and load it onto my laptop, since my laptop doesn't have a wireless card. I used to use me treo as a tether for this, before I ported from verizon.

    But since the Pre doesn't have native support for lotus 123, it cannot open the attachment in order to resave. And the downloaded attachment is unavailable to me via the Pre's USB drive. Stuck somewhere inside the Pre's email download memory banks.

    You gotta be kidding me right? Fraid not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brett328 View Post
    Stuck somewhere inside the Pre's email download memory banks.
    does anyone know what happends to these files? do they get erased when the email is deleted? or do they stay lost in your pre forever?
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    I had to open windows in parallels and do it from there... There was all this sh!# that was in my .trash bin that I deleted and freed up everything. I was pissed that all that crap was in there.
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