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    My pre just reboot by itself.
    Browse to one of the ti page of the processor for pre. (it is posted in one of the forum here)
    Start zoom in couple time so you can see the diagram of the cpu clearly.
    Then try to swipe left or right, or up/down to move around.
    My Pre just reboot at about the second attempt.

    My os version is 1.0.3

    Only my Msg'ing was running and precenatral forum, then the pop up TI site.

    Pleaseal post your Pre reboot here.
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    Similar experience this weekend. I was browsing the web and the only card open was the browser. I was either here or another gadget site when the phone just restarted. On top of that I noticed about 5 more stuck pixels on screen. A new one should be here today to replace this one.
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    I think I just fixed it though. I went through the options and did a "partial erase"

    If your Palm Pre smartphone is acting strange and slow, you may want to try to reset it.

    1. Press the Center button.

    2. Open Device Info.

    3. Tap Phone Reset Options.

    4. Tap Partial Erase two times. This will erase all data except things like your photos, video, and music.

    I've been up for a while now and everything is running smoother. You have to reenter your email and password associated with your Palm backup account though. So if you do not remember that you may be in trouble. Other than that, this seems to have worked for me, and mine was crashing and rebooting a few times a day. I was starting to get really upset and thought I would have to return my phone.

    We'll see if this sticks.

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