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    Quote Originally Posted by joshewah View Post
    Have you even tried running the WebOS doctor thing at

    Being stuck in airline mode and rebooting sounds like a software and not hardware issue.
    OMGosh! I just had the same thing happen to me today while on the train. Now I *really* feel bad for hevans. That phone was fully recoverable! You just had to wait it out and not do anything on the keyboard for about 10 or 15 minutes. The phone is probably fully functional now, sitting in a drawer at the store, or worse yet, on a UPS truck back to Sprint or Palm. Now I really feel sick for you. :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by hevans View Post
    Neither Radio Shack or BB had any Pre phones - I was driving over to ATT to re- port my phone number back to iPhone/ATT this AM when Sprint called to say they had a replacement phone at the Stapleton store...

    So I now have a replacement and am very happy...

    Its insane that Sprint would tell a customer with a business phone to "wait as long as 5 days to 3 weeks" for a replacement phone to come in - and not be able to offer the customer a temporary phone solution....
    I didn't see this post of yours. Glad to see that they found you a replacement. Hopefully they didn't charge you for the thing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DougB541 View Post
    I've been with sprint...ignoring the break I had with nextel for 2 years...since 2002.

    Yet I some how avoid all these issues some of you run into. I guess i'm lucky?

    Me too, and I've been with them for 10.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wordweaver View Post
    Not for nothin' but, if you damaged an iPhone and needed it repaired/replaced not only would you have to wait for it to be shipped out and then returned to you -- YOU would pay, as you say "full whack" for that -- especially since YOU broke your phone. Last I checked, AT&T/Apple have very, very limited insurance for the iPhone. Just sayin' ...
    Just for the record, hevans did not damage his phone. He was told by a moron at a Sprint store that what he did bricked his phone. It turns out the flunkie at Sprint was incorrect. I actually had the same thing happen to my phone today while on an MBTA train. I think it might have been due to zombie processes that were using up CPU and not letting the normal GUI to be responsive.

    Here's what I think I did to cause the phone to get into this state:

    1) While above ground, I was running GoogleMaps with the GPS on.
    2) When the train went underground, the dot on the map representing my location stopped moving. (Cool and logical.)
    3) I knew the train would resurface for a bit after the Back Bay station. I wanted to see the dot reappear in a new location. (Minor details - before getting to back bay, the map eventually turned white.)
    4) At back bay, the map reappeared and the GPS fix gave me a dot again.
    5) Knowing that train was going back underground, I minimized the google maps application as a card.
    6) While in the next tunnel, I decided I didn't want to continue the experiment, so after a minute or two in the tunnel, I flicked the card away.
    7) Next my phone became unresponsive as I tried the next thing (which in my case, was attempting to switch off the wi-fi that I had left on when leaving my home). After several taps, I could get the menu to turn off wi-fi to appear, but it was unresponsive to the sub-menu for turning on and off wi-fi. OK, I figured, I'll fool it and go to airplane mode, then maybe it will let me turn wi-fi back on. The airplane mode menu appeared unresponsive, so after tapping it about 10 times in frustration, I gave up for a moment and put the phone in my pocket.
    8) Being curious, I took it back out a 1 to 1.5 minutes later, it had successfully gone to airplane mode. (This is when I realized the phone was "playing catchup", so I issued the command to turn off airplane mode - knowing it would be unresponsive, I left the phone alone for maybe 3-5 minutes. The phone recovered on it's own after being left alone.

    I'm not saying my "stuck in airplane mode" was exactly the same as hevans', but removing the battery was a logical thing (in my opinion) for him to do. I don't believe he bricked his phone. The sprint store people should have offered to keep trying to see if they could recover his phone (even if this was a spare-time thing and hevans could come back the next day, and buy a phone if needed).

    So yes, the sprint store people went a bit out of their way to help him out, but they also blamed hevans for bricking a phone that very likely was not bricked.

    I realize your post was saying the experience would have been worse at AT&T, but hevans' experience was pretty bad. I know hevans was blowing off some steam when he first posted here, but in the end, he did what he needed to do with the limited (and probably erroneous) information that he had. I'm glad it all worked out in the end, and many of us learned some things from his experience.

    (Sorry for being so wordy.) Thanks everyone for contributing to this thread.

    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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