View Poll Results: Has 1.0.3 made your Pre better, worse, or the same?

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  • My Pre is better with 1.0.3.

    72 51.80%
  • My Pre is worse with 1.0.3.

    10 7.19%
  • My Pre is the same with 1.0.3.

    57 41.01%
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    Thanks Aridon...I have it fetching...but I will move it to an hour....Just wish I didn't need to do this to get through the day!
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    I had a drain of about 7% an hour on standby, the problem was my earthlink account, even though i set it to check once every six hours. My advice it to try deleting any/all accounts that dont have the "get email as it arrives" option, set the rest to "push" email and see what happens. I now loose about one and a half percent an hour.
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