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    Recently when I have been surfing a lot on my Pre, the internet connection stops working, whether i'm on wifi or evdo. If I try to close and open a new browser card, any bookmark I select just goes to a blank page with no attempt to load. If I hit refresh then it searchs with out ever actually loading a page. Even google maps tells me that there is no internet connection. The only way to get internet back is to reboot or try launching a non web app (like AccuWeather) to force the internet connection to 'un-stick'.

    Has anyone else come across this issue?
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    Same problem last night. Other wifi devices were connected fine, pre was 5 feet from wireless router. Router and cablemodem reset didn't help. Cycling pre wifi on and off didn't help. Had to reset phone.
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    I had the problem with Digg, and with YFrog, but it unstuck after a while. I don't get it. I haven't done much browsing, though, so I'll need to test more.

    There certainly are quite a few bugs with the Pre, let's hope they addressed or ironed out fast.
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    I've had this problem since the 1.0.3 update. Very frustrating.
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    If you disable java script the problem will not return. I know it cripples some sites but it will prevent the problem from happening in my experience.

    It seems the browser gets stuck loading the last 5% of the page and ends up in some sort of loop and doesn't time out correctly. I see this on Digg and Engadget mostly and it happens on Wifi or EVDO.

    This any MANY other issues need to be fixed quickly by palm.

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