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    OK, i'm about to return my SECOND PRE for good. First time was horrible cust. service and a earpiece that emitted no sound watsoever. Now, all of a sudden the bottom volume button doesn't work sometimes. The volume control is acting up a lot. Not only is there a stuck button, but sometimes the ringer indicator that shows up on the screen when you press a volume button won't go away sometimes. ie. i press the volume up button and the ringer level shows up on the screen and it won't go away sometimes. And before i go any further..this all started happening (vol. button) after updating with 1.0.3...anyone else? Is the update the prob?

    I went to the settings and manually tried to slide the ringer sometimes and other times the slider goes all the way down all on itz own even when i try to place it on max volume. Its as if the pre has a mind of its own.

    Happened earlier today and somehow the bottom button started working again. Don't know wat i did. But just now, i was watchin a youtube clip (ironically on how the PRE is faster than 3Gs....go fig..) and the volume started decreasing all on its own...and WHAM, the bottom volume button is no longer working again!!

    OK, serioulsy, with all the problems i've had with BOTH pre's...i've spent enough time on here and i've tried to search for an answer...and i'm not going to search anymore!! I love the phone so if someone can provide a quick fix...i'd really appreciate it!!

    things i've already tried....
    -searched all over this forum
    - even tried taking the button off...yes, i found that on here from someone...but to no avail...itz not as dangerous as it sounds..and i'm THAT desp.
    - did every reset imagineable
    - again, went to the device settings and manually tried changing the setting manually...doesn't really do anything for the phys. button itself
    - ran the interactive tests- fails the hardware ringer button test. WTH is the use of these tests? THANKS...the button doesn't!
    - Took the battery out
    - tried setting the volume on high and low and resetting with if your swoosh is missing

    so if anyone can help and not give me the usual check device settings and reboot msg's....i'd greatly appreciate it!...again, love the phone...HATE the bugs!!!
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    take it back and revisit the phone in 3 months, companies constantly tweak hardware and based on palms updates so far they plan on addressing software issues.

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