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    Great forum, been eagerly awaiting this phone for months just like the rest of you, but here is my problem. I am on a Sprint Wireless Advantage plan through my brother who is a Sprint employee. I get an awesome deal, but I can't buy a pre, because they aren't releasing them to employee or SWA lines.

    I have a touch pro, and while it is good, I need access to exchange for work, and google calendars for domains for my business that I own. Therefore, since the Pre is the only phone that does that I would like one now and not in August or September.

    I have seen Pres on Ebay for 399-450 and I have 16% cashback right now. I am selling my Pro, but am wondering if I should get the phone from Ebay or from BB or some place. Sprint stores can not sell to SWA account holders, and they are blocked for our accounts to buy them through employee sales.

    Any ideas on what I should do? I have purchased phones off of ebay for Sprint before and returned them to the store when I have issues. Any thoughts? Has anyone hear purchased one from EBay?

    My other thought is to move to a regular customer account and get a $99 everything plan and get one for $199.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Try going to a Sprint 'Franchise' store. These are not the stores owned by sprint, but rather are franchised out. Typically smaller places, fewer employees. Usually they are employees who are willing to work around the edges to get a sale. I've seen them do miracles over the years with Sprint.
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    My Treo 800w syncs with Google Mail, Contacts and calendar.

    Only works with one calendar, not 5 like the iPhone though...
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.
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    You are living without all the Synergy fanciness right now. I would wait the month or two and save yourself a pile of money.

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