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    Well thought I would ask, notify with some things on the Pre I have noticed being that i use the thing more than my laptop on a daily basis at this point...

    1. Tasks, now if memory serves me on my Centro when you had a task upcoming it notified you, could be wrong but i added a task last night for today and it never notified me or dispay anything, is this correct? I went through all the preferences and marked it for the specifics and even put high priority ...Should I have just used calender...

    2. Noticed that at times the Pre does not hang up on callers, i think this is why they made that annoying loud beep after the call ends to really signify the call ended..On numerous occasions i got caught talking while the caller was still listening after i thought we hung up ....

    3. The delay on answering calls for that matter is somewhat annoying, i have now trained myself to say hello approx. 2-3 secs after the call picks up ...

    4. Is the upcoming Seidio Innocase really worth the 29.99 or so, anyone with experience with these cases? I already threw my Pre out of the leather holster but luckily it landed on some grass

    5. In short what was really the point of 1.03 update, i have not noticed anything significant except for maybe a hair better battery performance which has def increased 10 fold since the battery broke in from first use ...

    Def not worried about the concerns, and I love my Pre, it really does just about everything i need it to do and than some! Can't wait for the future apps, and updates!!! And def can't wait until the Pre is considered a higher market device so i can stop hearing about Iphone, touch apps on the radio (z100, xm/sirius)and have them also say available for your Palm Pre!!
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    Pressing the power button doesn't end a call. That's a little annoying. I've gotten caught a few times myself with this.
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    As long as you put the due date on a task it should give you a reminder.

    And more importantly just because the update doesn't help you doesn't mean it has no point. It was a huge update for people in certain circumstances using an Exchange server because now their phone can actually connect to it.
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    Nothing Sedio makes is worth $29.00. All their stuff is the cheapest crap you dont ever want to see.
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    what kind of delay are you having when answering the phone?

    I know it takes a second for the phone app to show up, however, I've noticed you can start talking as soon as you unlock the phone, before the app shows up.
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    I don't get the reminder on my tasks. Annoying...
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    It's not a reminder it's a permanent notification (until you dismiss it).

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