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    The moral of this story is the Bodyguardz company has amazing customer service and a great product.

    I had called NLU (maker of the Bodyguardz skin) to ask about my poor attempt at an installation last Monday, that had left numerous raised bubbles still evident by Thursday. They told me I could carefully stick them with a pin, to which I replied, " I wish you could do the installation for me." My customer service rep replied that they would be happy to do it for me, they do it all the time. I immediately said I'll Fedex it to you, and 15 minutes later I received an email detailing the mailing instructions. I packed up my Pre with a return Fedex label, and that Thursday night my phone was on its way from Boston to Utah.

    Friday morning I was surprised to receive a phone call from my NLU rep saying that my Pre had arrived and they were starting the install immediately. An hour later I got an email saying the install went smoothly and that it would dry for an hour and then would be on its way back to me. After another hour I got an email with my tracking number. I originally thought I'd be lucky to get it back by Tuesday or Wednesday, but now I could expect it back by Monday morning.

    Sure enough, Monday by 9am my Pre was back in Boston with a perfectly lined up, crystal clear Bodyguardz skin.

    I can't recall ever receiving such excellent customer service. I freely admit that sending the Pre to Utah to get a skin installed was obsessive, and a little extravagant, but at least I don't have to worry about scratches on my expensive phone.
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    Pictures? I want to see what the skin on the phone looks like.
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    I'll try to get a camera and post some pics tomorrow.
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    man, i could not live without my pre for a day, let alone a couple. You are a brave person
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    I could do without it for a couple of days if it were insured for $1500. (please lose this package...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by edgarwong View Post
    man, i could not live without my pre for a day, let alone a couple. You are a brave person
    Well...I had my trusty old Treo 650 still working (have to cancel that service soon)...the company seemed reputable with a detailed website with pictures and bios of all the employees...also had the Fedex tracking number and Sprint insurance in case of any seemed like a decent risk/reward ratio
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    Its illegal to insure a package for a monetary value that is wrong. You verify insurance claims for a reason.
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