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    Maybe because I just changed my wallpaper that I never noticed it, or that in the included update on 1.03 there was this goodie but nonetheless now when i awaken my Pre i have a giant digital clock at the top of the screen and my wallpaper in the background is faded behind it, pretty cool I guess
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    I think you've never noticed it. Its been there. The faded image looks pretty cool with the right background like a stormy sky.
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    Um.... You mean the lock screen? That's always been there man.
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    I have never seen this between two pres.. wth? Screen shot?
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    wow I feel now lol, ah well I went from this pretty slick NYC backdrop to a more vivid beach scene so its possible I totally didn't see it ...

    It was the lock screen with the faded wallpaper but now or whatever I have this giant white digital time on the top under the small date in the center ...

    Whats weird is that on the prewallpaper site you can add the time like the iphone has in the slide to unlock screen on the wallpaper when you click that center icon, could that have added the time to my screen in my lock page?

    I'll try and post a screen shot ..
    Update its hard to take a screen shot when you open the slider and it goes to the home screen automatically
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