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    I just the mail today and in a post office envelope was half my mail in rebate receipt and form. I sent it in last week and thought everything would be fine. What I received back was about 1/3 of the rebate and form. My questions are:

    can the receipt be reprinted by Sprint?
    if so, is it too late to send in the rebate? I bought my pre on day 1.

    if anyone has any contact info for the rebate center can you post it to this thread as the pieces that I received back from the post office have no useful information on them.
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    Go back to the store you bought it from. They will be able to reprint the reciept for you. You still have plenty of time to send it in.
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    FYI, it's always a good idea to photocopy rebates before you send them in.

    There is only an address on my rebate photocopy, which is blurry. It's in El Paso, TX. And you can check the status at Other than that, there is no contact information, but maybe that site will have some.

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