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    hey guys

    so my pre has a bit of slider wiggle when it is closed. came like that out of the box, but was told by the customer rep that they were all like that. kinda felt like BS, but i heard that it wiggles from a couple of other ppl. is it normal for it to have a little bit of "wiggle" when the slider is closed?? i dont have a picture of how far it travels, but id say when its turned (only turns to the right) its no more than 2-3 millimeters.
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    Ya, it is regular. However, some phone 'wiggle' more than others. Mine was really loose, so I decided to find a fix. I developed a great tutorial that will fix it to the point were it almost doesn't 'wiggle'. I recently attached a before and after video scenario. Before it was a full mm wide gap now it hardly wiggles! The link is in my signature...
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    thank you!
    because my post count is too low, i cannot see the link. can you post it somehow? thanks, much appreciated.
    id rather find a fix than have to deal with exchanging the phone
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    I cant see it either and would love to see that fix as mine is a little wiggley as well
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    only 5 more posts till i can see that link.
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    Here is the link to the thread (copy to your browser): (add the next line to this- no spaces)

    Here is the download URL (copy it to your browser):

    Here is a online writeup (copy it to your browser):
    "Life is Hard... it's harder if your stupid"
    - John Wayne
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    rennant thanks so much for you tutorial
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    thanks rennant!! is the glue necessary or will tightening the screws alone help?

    i just popped out the battery to examine the slider mechanism. my pre twists only one way - the top piece moves clockwise. it looks like the slide on the left side of the phone (looking at the back) is somehow fixated. however, the slide on the right side, is "floating", and this is what causes the twisting. i wonder if there is any way to fix this?

    also, with the battery cover off, the top right corner doesn have a screw as per your instructions - it just has a tiny PALM logo on it.
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    I need to pad my post count, but I might as well do it thanking somebody for something really useful. God job Rennat.

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